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August 20, 2014

Reduce your carbon footprint with Lumia

The battery sense feature present in your Lumia is impressive, but have you wondered why it’s there in the first place?

You’ll be happy to know that your Lumia smartphone not only contributes to improving energy efficiency but it’s also an eco-friendly device, fully adhering to the environmental norms. You can read more about it here.


The  Lumia smartphones that you own are made using renewable materials and smart packaging. In fact, to further improve the energy-saving features, you receive energy-efficient chargers when you buy a Lumia. Read how to reduce the energy your handset uses here.

Before you begin to think what this really means and what on earth carbon footprint is, let’s break it down for you. Simply speaking carbon footprint is “the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person.” Yes, by driving your car, flying to that exotic location or by turning lights on at your house you emit a lot of carbon and related greenhouse gases.

But like we said before, owning a Lumia helps. Here then are the best ways you can work out how much damage you do to our planet and how you can assess and reduce your carbon footprint.

My Carbon Footprint!

To calculate your levels of CO2, answer questions like how many miles did you drive this year? What was the fuel consumption? The air travel done by you and the amount of power consumption will calculate your own Carbon consumption in kilograms and will also let you see the average American impact.

Check Total Fuel to help you track your vehicle’s fuel consumption and calculate your monthly and yearly usage.

Carbon Footprint

carbon copy

This is a neat way to estimate your monthly usage of your car, electricity and travel by public transport or by air. What this essentially does is give you an approximate idea of the quantity of carbon dioxide some of your activities generate.

The units used are in kilograms, kilometers and liters so you don’t need to convert them to suit other units Fill out all the details and think how you can lower it by using more of public transport than your own car.

Try Electrical Calculator to calculate the electricity bill and energy cost for your electrical devices.

Personal Carbon Calc

personal carbon copy

Simply input your family size, the monthly power consumption, the quantity of cooking gas you use, number of vehicles, the fuel consumption and details of your annual air travel. Voila! Now, you know the amount of carbon you use and where you need to focus your carbon-reducing efforts. Mine was 0 tons per year.


execo copy


Each time you open this app it sets out tasks that you should be doing if you wish to reduce your carbon dioxide consumption. There are points for the activities that you perform and you get scored accordingly.

Browse through the tips section to understand how you can contribute effectively. You can also share your score through Facebook and influence your friends and family to follow the same.

So, list your daily achievements and keep scoring to unlock further levels of tasks.

Check out B Eco-Friendly and make sure you contribute more towards a stable climate for future generations.

Browse through the many ways mentioned here to reduce, recycle and reuse products and encourage others to become environmentally friendly.

What’s your Carbon Footprint?