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August 28, 2014

Poll: Which is your favourite Windows Phone blog?

If you’re a regular reader and we hope you are, you might remember that last year we ran a series called Blog Star of the Week, where we showcased the best Windows Phone blogs out there.

Well, lots of things have changed since then. Some blogs have gone, others have arrived. So, we thought it would be time to see which of the fantastic selection tops your blog charts. Below we’ve listed 8 blogs, which talk about Windows Phone. The simple question is, which is your favourite?

1. All About Windows Phone

All About Windows Phone is chock a block full of news, reviews and features, with in depth writing and personality-filled fortnightly podcasts. It looks at phones, accessories, software and related technology. A British blog with international appeal, it launched in October 2011 and is the newest addition to the All About family of blogs.


2. Paul Thurrott’s supersite for Windows

A news and blog site about all things Windows run by Paul Thurrott– from consumer technology to business applications, from the hardware that runs it to the latest news on gaming. It’s prolific, detailed and immensely knowledgeable, and includes some great perspectives on Windows Phone.


3. Windows Phone Central

It’s a high traffic, glossy looking mobile technology blog, forum and store. It features news, reviews, leaks, tips and more – and a vocal community which likes to make itself heard loud and clear in its forums. The website makes up one very glossy quarter of the Mobile Nations quartet of websites, which between them form four communities and attract 15m+ readers monthly and 12k+ comments every day. Appropriately they describe themselves as the United Nations of mobile.


4. My Nokia Blog /Geek On Gadgets

In their words, it’s a “random, informal Nokia blog … rants, reviews, suggestions and applications.” In our words, that makes it a great place to get the rundown on what industrial strength Windows Phone users are thinking, saying and speculating about the latest gear.


Geek On Gadgets is a relatively new kid on the block with some very experienced hands at the helm. Dedicated to covering any and all tech related news, it was founded as a sister site to the largest Nokia news site and online community Run and managed by Ali Al-Qudsi and Jay Montano, it delivers relevant news and information to its readers while keeping you in touch with all things tech.


5. Unleash the Phones

Unleash the Phones is a hub of expert updates and analysis on the world of mobile devices and the apps and accessories that make them fly. It’s stuffed full of news, features, reviews and videos with a real international depth. As well as Windows Phone there are top level sections devoted to Android and IOS. It boasts a cool 1.5 million unique monthly visitors – a number that we think is well earned.


6. PureView Club

PureView Club is blog and forum focused on mobile photography, with tips, product news and a serious share of images taken with both older Nokia kit and newer Windows Phone smartphones. Run by Marc Wielaert, a seasoned technology reviewer, he launched it because it’s “amazing how much there is to share about PureView imaging technology.”


7. Smashpop is a one man lifestyle blog with a big focus on cool technology. It’s a combination of observation, reviews, news, unboxings, people and jumping. Yes, jumping. Discovr is the tech section and you’ll find plenty for Windows Phone fans to enjoy.


8. Nokia Innovation

The subtitle says it all: ‘Your Portal to Anything Nokia & Mobile Tech’. Updated several times a day, this is a straightforward news/reviews/features blog with a particular focus on products, design and news, but with a broad enough remit to deal also with Windows Phone and general Microsoft issues as well. It’s got regular written articles, video reviews and demos, commentary on news and industry speculation, and cross-platform comparisons of both phones and apps. In a nutshell, all you could want for your Windows Phone news.


So that’s a brief summary of some fantastic blogs. The million dollar question now is, which do you love best? The poll will be open for the next week, so get voting. We’d also love to hear what you love about your top choice, in the comments below.

Which is your favourite Windows Phone blog