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August 29, 2014

10 Cleverest Lumia shots of the month

Each and every month we track down the photos you’ve taken with Lumia and shared across the web. Well, we’ve done it again. Check these out.


Hussain Ujjainwala‘s photo of a bridge after sunset is a great one.

Using a Lumia 1020 and a four-second long exposure, the sea looks soft and mysterious.


Ashish040 entitles this photo ‘A local fruit vendor’. Captured on a Lumia 820, he’s added a colour pop and blurred the background for a really great effect.


When taking a photo of a tunnel, where do you focus? The entrance, the middle, or what’s at the other end? Do what @wajon68 did; use Refocus to capture it all.


The piano. A fine instrument that, when played right, I could sit and listen to for hours.

I just wish this cinemagraph from @rich_may had sound.



In Guido Gonzalez‘s photo our eyes are drawn deep into the centre of this shrub and at the delicate white petals.

Notice, the out of focus flowers in the foreground? Excellent focus control here.


Taken with a Lumia 1020 and edited for effect, spanchani‘s waterfall is surrounded by beautiful purple flowers.


With a fallen tree lying horizontally, Mathieu Foray has captured it in detail at varying focus points using Refocus.


Gently pouring over a riverbed of stones, this next cinemagraph from @nickster_uk captures a moment of tranquility.



Going for an outdoor winter swim in Finland is commonplace for the people that live there.

In this scene captured by Rhelenam, we see one brave swimmer enter the water by using what appears to be the Action Shot feature with Nokia Camera.

The fact that her legs begin to vanish only adds to the effect.


The beauty of cinemagraphs is the magic results you can achieve.

Take this one from @jbrophy88, for instance.

The bird is forever frozen mid-flight while the breeze continues to move the leaves of the tree.


Which one is your favourite?

Want to share any of your own? Please do, below.