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August 29, 2014

Poll Results: What’s your favorite Nokia 130 feature?

Nokia 130, the ultra-affordable phone packed with features, dazzled you. Not to mention the amazing things it offers you in just 19€.


Your continuing interests in Nokia 130 fuelled our curiosity. Last week we asked you to participate in our poll to find out what you love most about this great new phone.

The poll has now closed and it’s time to look at how you voted.

We listed ten key features of the Nokia 130 and asked you to tell us your favorite three- difficult choice, isn’t it?

No prizes for guessing, but the standout, and winning, feature is its affordable price tag of 19€, securing 27% of your votes. We’re certain that its unique pricing will help millions to make their first phone calls.

Securing second place with 16 % of votes is the whopping 36 days standby battery time. This goes on to prove that some conversations should never end and continue forever, without battery pangs.

With the 32GB Micro SD support offering a capacity to store more than 6,000 songs, videos, photos and much more, it secured 11% of your votes.

As for the rest of the list, here’s how they fared:

poll 1


Thanks for voting!