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September 2, 2014

Coca-Cola Freestyle: Mix it, Share it, Drink it

The Coca-Cola Freestyle app is your gateway to limitless (well, more than 100) combinations of drinks, tailored by you, all from your Lumia smartphone.

Plenty of us drink Coca-Cola and the original is just fine as it is. But what if you wanted to mix it up a little, throwing in some Sprite Grape and adding a dash of Fanta Lime?


With the Coca-Cola Freestyle app, you can experiment with a wide variety of drinks to find something to excite your taste buds. You choose the percent mixes.

Then what? You’ve created the perfect blend and you can’t wait to taste it. Unfortunately, your Lumia doesn’t have a nozzle and it definitely isn’t filled with syrup.


The next step is to find somewhere to pour your drink, and for that, use the location finder within the app. There, you’re shown your nearest Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. So now, all you need to do is to get to it.

Once at the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, connect using the built-in QR code reader, which reads your choice of beverage. Then, wait a few moments for your drink to be poured.

For those of you that like to check in to places you visit, this can also be achieved at the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. Doing so may qualify you for a special offer or badge.


If you’re particularly proud of your drink, go ahead and share it with your pals on your social channels. Before you know it, you’ll all be drinking 44 percent Fanta Fruit Punch, 25 percent Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla and 31 percent Bang’s Root Beer.

Other features include the option to save your favorite drinks, earn badges for completing challenges, or switch on push notifications. These notifications alert you of discounts or special offers nearby.

Download the free Coca-Cola Freestyle app today from the Windows Phone Store and start creating your perfect drink.

If you’ve mixed your own drink using the Coca-Cola Freestyle app, we’d love to hear what combination you’ve gone for. Better yet, take a photo of yourself and your drink at the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine for extra points.