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September 2, 2014

Manage Your Personal Health Records with Lumia

A doctor’s visit usually ends with prescriptions, medical records, test results and other papers to store carefully. So, how about digitally managing your medical records on your Lumia smartphone?

Here are our favorite discoveries on the Windows Phone Store.

Microsoft HealthVault (free)

vault copy

Let’s face it, you can’t carry your, or your family’s, medical files and history records wherever you go. HealthVault fills that gap and provides mobile access to the health information in your HealthVault account.

Use it to enter your personal health records on the go, track and manage chronic conditions, and keep family emergency information handy, at all times. The app lets you organize your health records comprehensively in one place and lets you access them online from any device.

The best thing: it’s free of cost. To understand what else you can do with HealthVault, click here.

Meds Tracker Free (free)

meds copy

It’s not uncommon to forget to take our daily dose of vitamins and supplements. This app could solve all of that.

It’ll help you keep track of when you last took your meds as well as the next time you need to take them. Input all your dosage information, set the alarm and take your pills at the right time and day.

A great feature is the Live Tile support, which provides instant access to pertinent pill information.

Be fit

Stay healthy by keeping a tab of your ideal weight and let BMI Track measure your body fat based on height and weight. Input the figures and let the app track your BMI ratio. Also, check out the graph of your weekly/monthly reports.

It also calculates your body’s fat percentage and calorie consumption, making you achieve your ideal weight sooner. You can also maintain separate records for your family members.

Blood Pressure (Free)

bp copy

If you follow healthy lifestyle habits and have a stress-free job (there must be some people), you are part of the latter half that is hypertension free. If not, then make it a habit to log your blood pressure regularly and monitor the systolic, diastolic pressure and pulse readings.

Keep a track of your morning and evening readings separately and be in control of your overall wellbeing. It also generates graphs and analyzes critical readings for you.

The app also lets you send your readings via e-mail if you need to share the information with your doctor.

Bing Health & Fitness (free)

bing copy

Think of this app as your personal health, nutrition and fitness manager rolled into one. Browse through the hundreds of workouts and exercises with step-by-step instructions, photos and videos on offer.

Set your daily calorie goal, track your diet and choose from more than 300,000 foods to find out the nutritional information of what you’ve consumed.

Don’t forget the SensorCore feature that will know when you’re walking and running, continuously tracking and analyzing your daily steps and calories burned.

water log copy

Water Log does what it says; a smart reminder to motivate you to drink eight glasses of water every day. Just input the number of glasses you have consumed and watch it offer timely notification reminders to urge you reach your H2O goal.

Pin it to the Start screen and track your water intake consumption progress.

Heart Rate (free)

heart rate copy

An app that tracks heart rate would be unthinkable few years ago.

Place the tip of your index finger on your Lumia’s camera so it completely covers the lens. With the other hand, tap the ‘start’ button and wait for the readings to appear in a few seconds. I recorded readings of 72 bpm, 71 and 74 bpm while using it.

You can also save your readings and let the app display your records history.

Lastly, try Emergency Kit.

emergency copy

While maintaining a digital medical record is an absolute must, notifying your blood type, allergies, medications and other notes can come in handy, in case of an emergency.

The first time you use the app you need to complete your emergency profile containing your contact information and your medical history. There is also the option to add your emergency contacts should you be in an unexpected situation.

With Live Tile support, the app displays your emergency contacts and information even if your mobile is locked.

Also on offer is an assortment of tools and educational information on first aid.

Have you used any of these apps? Have we missed any? Let us know, below!