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September 4, 2014

Instagram your silhouette photos to win a Lumia surprise pack

While you’ve been enjoying the sun-kissed month of August, guess what we’ve been up to? We’ve been admiring your incredible insta-art from last month’s competition!

August’s theme was human feelings and my oh my, weren’t those feelings in your photos contagious! We’ve been laughing, crying and chuckling with pleasure while looking through the entries, and we’re still going. If you can hold on just another moment, we’re on the very verge of picking the next winner!

A magical mystery tour

If August was about people as open books, with emotions displayed for everyone to see, in September we’re going for something a tad more mysterious. The theme for this month’s Instagram competition is… #Lumia Silhouette!

The history of the silhouette goes all the way back to the 18th century when people had their profile portraits traced and cut out of black card. The beauty of these portraits was not just that they were economical to make but that they exuded an air of mystery. The details – the face, the colours – were left unseen, but on the other hand you could really appreciate the beauty of the profile in all its glory.

Lumia Silhouette

Celebrating #LumiaSilhouttes

These days, silhouettes are all around us, though we might not always notice them. Think the fashion industry, traffic signs, outlines of famous monuments, representations of birds or animals, maps… and perhaps the most beautiful of all, the myriad of shapes we see outlined against the light every single day.

Your task, our cherished Instagramers, will be to look out for those silhouettes and turn them into photographic masterpieces! Just upload your own silhouette shots, whether taken outdoors against the midday sun, sunset, or sunrise, or indoors against the light of your living room lamp. All creative approaches are encouraged and will be celebrated!

LumiaSilouette 1


Don’t delay, seize the day!

The competition starts on September 1st and runs all the way until September 30th. As per usual, you can take your photo with any mobile device and enter as many times as you want, as long as you tag #LumiaSilhouette in your photo during the month of September. The winner will once again receive a fabulous Lumia surprise pack, so remember to read the Terms and Conditions and then get shooting!