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September 5, 2014

Designing PureView for Lumia 830

Lumia smartphones with PureView are a cut above the rest. Here we look at how the Lumia 830 brings our leading photography innovation to even more people.

“We want to give more people access to our greatest imaging innovations, such as Optical Image Stabilisation, advanced optics, and new image processing and apps. It’s these tools that help people take spectacular, unrivalled photos,” tells Juha Alakarhu, Microsoft’s imaging expert. “That’s why we’ve included the PureView imaging experience on the Lumia 830.”


Priced at 330€ (before taxes and subsidies), the photography innovation usually reserved for the high-end smartphone marketplace is now available to more people.

Of course, simply slipping a 10-megapixel PureView camera with ZEISS optics into our slimmest (8.5 mm thin) and lightest (150 grams) phone to date was no easy task, explains Juha.

“Developing the amazing quality in such a thin package requires the absolutely best technologies and innovations. We have used new mechanics technology, new kind of optics design and lens materials, as well as new kind of actuators (motors) to make this happen.


Then, we need to construct them in a way that simply works for the person using the camera phone. That development actually takes quite long time. Now that we have finally announced our newborn PureView baby, the Lumia 830, I couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved with the team.”

In fact, this slim PureView camera module on the Lumia 830 is much smaller than any other, while it keeps the PureView promise of uncomprized image quality.

Hardware aside, Juha and the rest of the imaging team have created a strong portfolio of imaging algorithms.

Lumia 830 comes with these latest imaging algorithms to bring out the best quality in your photos.

Additionally, the much-lauded Nokia Camera gives you control over more of your camera settings, such as manual focus, shutter speeds, and exposure times.

The latest version of Nokia Camera, which will be renamed Lumia Camera in the Lumia Denim Update also offers a lot of new innovative experiences that make it easier to capture the moment: amazing speed, Rich capture and Moment capture, in addition to significant improvements in image quality. And good news for the photography enthusiasts: the Denim update also offers DNG capture for Lumia 830.

“We’re really proud of both our imaging hardware and software, especially making it more affordable” continues Juha. “What’s even more exciting is that the imaging capabilities will be further enhanced in the upcoming Lumia Denim Update. That’s something you’ll want to keep a look out for.”

The Lumia 830 with PureView is expected available from September 2014.