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September 7, 2014

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

The kids are back in school! Cue the sounds of parents collapsing into their chairs and reaching for their Lumias for some fun times.

Well, you’re in the right place. We’ve got apps a-plenty, from games to to-do lists, from file-sharing to coffee-buying. Scroll on down to read about our top five finds of the week – apps and games, new and updated, all here, all now, all yours!


What is it: A platformer puzzle game

Why we love it: You play a dog, Mimpi, whose owner has mysteriously vanished; you’re trying to sniff out where he could be. Like an Ikea instruction manual, this game unfolds without written instructions – icons on screen clue you into the pretty intuitive controls as you explore your (beautiful) environment and hunt for bones and clues. Smooth and addictive gameplay and gorgeous graphics makes this one a real keeper – and it came out of Microsoft’s and Aalto University’s famed AppCampus, which makes it a doubly good find, we think!

Who it’s perfect for: gamers of all ages.




What is it: a cloud-based task management app

Why we love it: Task management, they call it; lists, we call it – either way, this is a handy app. The beta has been out a while but the official jump to the WP Store (and the Windows Store) has now taken place. It’s a convenient and easy app to use with lots of customizable options, even in the free version, and the developers have promised increased Live Tile support very soon. We like it! WP8.1 only.

Who it’s perfect for: list-makers



Run Rabbit Run

What is it: a fitness-slash-fun app

Why we love it: This is a variant on the wearable exercise apps that you’ll have seen before – run trackers, pedometers, and the likes – but the twist here is that the more you walk, the more this souped-up pedometer will reward you by giving you virtual carrots with which to feed your adopted rabbit! The fitter you get, the happier your little pet gets. Neat! It’ll only work on selected Lumias, though – ones with SensorCore technology – so check before you download.

Who it’s perfect for: walkers




What is it: unofficial Pushbullet app

Why we love it: Pushbullet is a data-transfer system that allows you to send files from your PC to your mobile device without wires or email.  And this unofficial WP (8.1) version is very nifty indeed. Easy file-sharing, a nice clean interface, uncomplicated set-up and it’s all for free: what’s not to like?

Who it’s perfect for: file-sharers




What is it: A Starbucks app

Why we love it: It’s got all your Starbucks needs catered for in one zippy place: link the app to your Starbucks account, then pay for coffee in-store using your phone (scan it or shake it), add cards to your account, earn Stars, and find nearby stores: a caffeine addict’s dream… Free, or, of you want ad-free Mybucks goodness, very cheap.

Who it’s perfect for: coffee fiends


The curtain’s gone down, folks – that’s all for this week! Did they make you clap your hands? Tell us your thoughts – and, more importantly, tell us which apps you’ve been loving this week. We’re always thirsty for more!