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September 8, 2014

More and #morelumia love from around the Web

Following the three new Lumia smartphones announcements and the latest Lumia Denim update coming from Microsoft press conference in Berlin, last week, the web has been awash with Lumia talk. Here’s what the critics had to say…

Lumia 830


Testing the smartphone hands-on and explaining the unique concept of ‘dynamic flash’, Mashable remarks about the latest Denim update and the speed of the camera:

“Finally, the 830 and the 730/735, also announced today, will be the first Lumias to ship with the Lumia Denim update to Windows Phone 8.1. The update makes PureView camera faster (both on startup and between shots), and brings other imaging enhancements.

“We’ve tried out the camera, and it really is blazing fast: press the camera button while the phone is in standby mode, and the phone will wake up, and snap a photo in less than a second.

“…if camera’s the most important feature for you, the Lumia 830 definitely looks like a solid choice.”


Summing up Lumia 830 as ‘Nice camera, nice price’, TechRadar appreciates the PureView camera and the Lumia Denim update.

“…the 830’s camera could blow rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S out of the water.

“Officially, this is a high-end Nokia with a more affordable price tag…the superb camera and rich screen come together to make one of the most appealing Lumia phones yet.”

The Telegraph

Calling Lumia 830 as flash photography reinvented, the UK broadsheet states:

“The days of dark photographs lost because a camera’s flash wasn’t turned on could be over, thanks to a new feature from the latest Nokia device.”

Lumia 730/735

According to Tom’s Guide: “Lumia Selfie App Makes Narcissism Easy, Fun” and goes on further to remark about its “best-in-class program for taking selfies.

“The real meat and potatoes of the app come in the filters and editing options. In addition to standard warm, cool, black-and-white and retro filters, users can also make use of some truly bizarre color schemes and even pretend they’re gracing glamorous magazine covers. The editing options are also surprisingly robust, letting users control everything from the size of their eyes to the whiteness of their teeth.”

Whereas, Slashgear states, “Nokia Lumia 735/730 is your selfie’s best friend”.

Wired UK introduces it as “A Lumia For Selfie Love” and describes the standout feature- wide-angle 5-megapixel HD front-facing camera.

“Microsoft has upped its game and introduced a dedicated Lumia Selfie app to use with the 5-megapixel forward-facing camera…. When we had a closer look at the Lumia 735, it was definitely seemed like the lightest Windows Phone we’ve seen in a while.”

The Verge

The Verge talks about the GSM, LTE and wireless charging shell variants available for the Lumia 730 and Lumia 735, its design and the power-packed front camera:

“…the viewing angles are good and the colors bright and vibrant enough to clearly view photos from the handset. Selfie images from the forward-facing camera appear to be crisp on a few attempts with a good angle to capture multiple people or the scene behind.”

Clearly, the selfie and Skype smartphone was on everyone’s mind.

NBC News receives the Lumia 730 with a bang and remarks how the “Lumia ‘Selfie Phone’ is Ready to Flood Your Instagram Feed” and adds:

“The Lumia 730 features a 5-megapixel front-facing camera — pretty good compared to the 1.2-megapixel and 2-megapixel front-facing cameras of the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5, respectively.”

The Lumia Selfie app also finds mention here:

“There is also no need to open the camera and then choose the front-facing option; instead, the dedicated selfie app launches the front-facing camera right away, automatically focuses on any pouting faces in its field of view, and lets users edit photos with colorful filters.”

Out of the three, which one are you going to buy? Laying your hands on both is also an option!