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September 9, 2014

Poll results: your favourite Windows Phone blog is…

Back at the end of August, we turned to the ultimate authority to discover the best of the best Windows Phone blog out there right now.

Yes, we’re talking about you, our ever discerning, Lumia-news-following Connects community. Based on the vote turnout we couldn’t have chosen a more enthusiastic audience: you sent us nearly 1200 votes in just over a week!

Put your hand up if you’re ready to hear the results! Ahem… of course we can’t see you, but we’re pretty sure your hands are off your Lumia keyboards and reaching for the skies. Here, then, is your top three in reverse order:

3rd place: Nokia Innovation – 10%

The subtitle says it all: ‘Your Portal to Anything Nokia & Mobile Tech’. Updated several times a day, this is a straightforward news/reviews/features blog with a particular focus on products, design and news, but with a broad enough remit to deal also with Windows Phone and general Microsoft issues as well. It’s got regular written articles, video reviews and demos, commentary on news and industry speculation, and cross-platform comparisons of both phones and apps. In a nutshell, all you could want for your Windows Phone news.


What you said: “Great to see Nokia Innovation getting some votes. Always liked its easy to read, single column style. Other than that, big fan of AAWP for detailed features and Conversations for the conversational articles and community feeling.” Elliot CL

2nd place: All About Windows Phone – 16%

All About Windows Phone is chock a block full of news, reviews and features, with in depth writing and personality-filled fortnightly podcasts. It looks at phones, accessories, software and related technology. A British blog with international appeal, it launched in October 2011 and is the newest addition to the All About family of blogs.


What you said: “I have been reading and listening to All About Windows Phone’s Steve Litchfield since the Psion days (almost before Al Gore invented the Internet) and I continue to do so for the most complete, in-depth WinPhone articles around.” Richard Durishin

1st place: Windows Phone Central – 56%

It’s a high traffic, glossy looking mobile technology blog, forum and store. It features news, reviews, leaks, tips and more – and a vocal community, which likes to make itself heard loud and clear in its forums. The website makes up one very glossy quarter of the Mobile Nations quartet of websites, which between them form four communities and attract 15m+ readers monthly and 12k+ comments every day. Appropriately enough, they describe themselves as the United Nations of mobile.


What you said: “I visit Windows Phone Central every day (together with Conversations of course). I do appreciate how they keep up to date with the latest news and offer their views on how likely certain rumours are. Plus, there’s a great app for the site. The things they do to engage readers (e.g. the weekly photo contest and hidden gems features) are excellent touches as well.” Aloysius Ting

Well I never, the result couldn’t be much clearer than this! The overwhelming majority of you went for Windows Phone Central, making it officially the greatest of the eight. Our most heartfelt congratulations to the winner!



While, of course, we didn’t list ourselves we were nonetheless also very happy to read some of your kind comments about our work here at Conversations, too! Thank you so much, guys and girls, we hope you keep coming back and sharing more of your awesomely encouraging words. At the end of the day though, we think all these blogs rock. But, as ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you share the sentiment of the majority or not? Please let us know in the comments section below.