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September 11, 2014

Create your own comic with PhotoMic

Comics have been around for centuries — carved on walls, inside Egyptian tombs, and printed in newspapers. Now, you can make your own right on your Lumia.

PhotoMic makes it easy to tell the story of your day, your life, or to just make a joke with just a few clicks using the photos on your smartphone.


First, choose which template you’d like to use, either full screen or square shape, which makes it perfect for Instagram sharing.

You might opt for something simple, like two panels side-by-side. Alternatively, you may decide on a two-one-two formation, or any of the others on offer.

While six of these templates are free, you can unlock others by either writing a review of the app or by making an in-app purchase to the PRO version for just $0.99.


Once you’ve decided on your formation, choosing the images is easy. Tapping any of the empty boxes will launch your Photo Hub. From there, simply select the image you want to use.

If it doesn’t quite fit, you can pinch to zoom the photos, flip them horizontally or vertically, as well as rotate them left or right.

Comics only really work when there are words to go with them; that’s where you’ll need to make use of the speech bubbles.

Add them to your frames, enter some text and once you’re finished, hit “save.”

That’s it!

Your freshly created comic can now be found in your Photo Hub ready to be shared with the world.

Here’s mine:


Give PhotoMic a try — it’s free — and share your own comics with us below, or in your social channels. If you opt for social media, use #LumiaPhotoMic so we can find it.