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September 12, 2014

What does your Lumia work phone say about you?

Like the vast majority of business users who have made the switch, you probably love your Lumia at work. But why did you pick that particular model?

Have you ever thought beyond the stats and features and analysed what exactly brought you and your Lumia together? In case the answer is no, we’ve done it for you. Scroll down and get ready to find out the hidden meaning behind your Lumia business phone…

The Lumia 930

You’re one of working life’s high flyers or at least on the fast track to the top. Thanks to your smart, polished appearance you’re guaranteed to make a great first impression at an interview or at a crucial meeting. Most importantly, though, you have the 21st century professional skills and expertise to match your looks. A true mobile maestro who can make the most of the technology available, you can work just as effectively wherever you are in the world. You regularly dazzle your peers with impressive wireless presentations and converse with equal ease with colleagues based in Dubai (via Skype of course) or at the desk next to you. To everyone’s amazement, you manage to stay totally on top of your to-do-list and your mind-blowingly busy calendar.

Lumia 930

The Lumia 635

The life and soul of the office, you are a sociable, cheerful and creative colleague whose happy-go-lucky presence does wonders to the team atmosphere. Not many people know this, but you secretly enjoy matching your work outfits to the colour of your Lumia 635! Your popularity with your peers means that your inbox is always full and your calendar is fully booked – never mind, because your phone has lots of storage space and Action Centre keeps you up to date. You’re also likely to work in a fast-paced profession where you need immediate access to the latest information, either on the web or through instant messaging. Spending lots of time on the go comes naturally to you, and if you’re honest, you prefer the field to the boardroom.

Lumia 635

The Lumia 1520

You are a visually oriented person who enjoys the creative aspects of working life, whether it’s drafting and showcasing presentations with beautiful imagery, creating or admiring new designs, or capturing your surroundings with the 20MP camera. Though working in an office is not a problem to you, you thrive in the outdoors, cherish productive meetings with your peers and are more than happy traveling on business. The internet is a treasure trove which you love digging into, and you are renowned for keeping your skills up to date by reading the latest publications online. To your colleagues’ delight, you’re always ready to share this knowledge, too, eagerly spreading your enthusiasm and expertise around the office.

Lumia 1520

The Lumia 1020

Whatever your profession, though it’s more likely to be on the creative side, you are a photographer at heart. In your day to day work, this means that you never forget the things that impress and inspire you… instead, you capture them on the 41MP camera of your Lumia 1020. You might dazzle your colleagues with pictorial memos on OneNote, take stunning photos for a newspaper, magazine or a marketing project, or just document your working day in a practical yet amazingly precise way. Rather than talking through any key presentations or interesting talks you’ve seen, you prefer to video them for the rest of your team. For professionals who own the Lumia 1020, pictures really say more than a thousand words.


The Lumia 520

A fun-loving, no-nonsense individual with a great work-life balance, you are at your most productive when you have your favourite tunes playing in the background. And productive you are also when working outdoors, thanks to your smartphone’s super sensitive touchscreen. When it comes to projects in which you are involved, you are practically minded and have a flair for getting things moving without over-complicating them. You know that life is too short to be taken overly seriously, so instead of getting stressed out about any problems at work, you focus on solving them in creative, interesting and collaborative ways.

Lumia 520

Well, the great Lumia psychic has spoken. What do you think, did she get it right or should she take another look at her 21st century internet-connected crystal ball? She might read your thoughts anyway, but because the rest of us can’t, please type your thoughts in the comments section right here below.