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September 14, 2014

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Greetings, Lumia fans lovers! It’s good to have you back for more app magic.

We’ve spent all week at the Windows Store grindstone, researching, downloading, testing and getting thoroughly addicted to more apps than we care to mention with the aim of whittling it down to five, our top five, so that you can get clicking without any hassle! We’re covered a wide range of themes this week, so scroll on down and see if any of them take your fancy….


What is it: a map-based game/social media gizmo

Why we love it: We’ve covered Foundbite before – you record a small amount of ambient noise and hook it up to a picture making a more atmospheric record than a photo alone. Well, they’ve released this spin-off, now, which uses the Foundbite files with their location info to create a guessing game. You have to work out where in the world each clip came from with no extra clues – just the picture and the sound! The closer your guess, the more points you get. Go!
Who it’s perfect for: geography and trivia fans


FunTime Brothers

What is it: A cute action puzzle

Why we love it: It’s got cheesy tunes, popping bubbles and two gormless looking heroes. What’s not to like? While the game world is bound to bring a smile to your face, the gameplay is suitably addictive too. Think cut the rope, but with bubbles and two brothers desperate to be reunited. Ideal for those moments when you want some happy-go-lucky gaming fun.

Who it’s perfect for. Kids and kids at heart.




What is it: an app that lets you use your phone over wifi

Why we love it: Folk (like us) who haven’t got great mobile reception in their own houses will jump at this: it extends your phone’s coverage over your wifi so that you’ll be able to pick up calls and texts even if the mobile signal is non-existent. If you install it on other devices, too – PC or tablet – you can pick up your calls on there. Super convenient, and not least if your battery is running low. Bonus: connect to wifi abroad and you can get around roaming costs by making calls as if you were at home! Still in Beta but sign up if you’re eligible and send feedback to make it better.

Who it’s perfect for: O2 Pay Monthly UK customers only, but they oughta love it! (WP 8.1 only)


Misfit Shine

What is it: a fitness app

Why we love it: This isn’t a stand-alone app, but the software element of a wearable activity-tracking device. The hardware is a very funky little blue disk, and the software syncs with it, saving your data to the Cloud – calories, steps, distance, sleep and so on; the usual range for a device of this kind. It’s like Fitbit, but, we reckon, more space-age! Worth a whirl if you can shell out for the gadget ($90!).

Who it’s perfect for: Fitness fanatics. WP8.1 only, and obviously you’ll need to buy the device separately.


Spider-Man Unlimited

What is it: an infinite runner game

Why we love it: The environments are beautifully drawn and they’re expansive to boot; there’s villains a-plenty and loads of familiar characters as you battle to defeat the Sinister Six. You’re Spidey, of course, and you can jump and swing through Manhattan, playing either in Story Mode (an ongoing adventure with a plot) or Event Mode (a different challenge each day). So far, so good, especially if you avoid the in-app purchases, and allegedly more free Spider-Man games are to follow…

Who it’s perfect for: gamers of all ages, but especially Spidey fans. 1GB devices only.


There you go – the cream of the new-and/or-updated crop! What did you think? Please do let us know, and we’d love to hear your recommendations, too, as ever, in the comments below!

Image credit: takomabibelot