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September 16, 2014


Hey, does it seem to anyone else like time is speeding up? It must be because we’re having such a fabulous time playing with our smartphones!

My point is that another month is coming to an end, and this means another MVC theme, which of course means another winner. Who’s joining the ever growing, highly esteemed ranks of our Most Valued Connectors this time? Read on to find out…

Exceptionally exceptional art

Last time around, we asked you to nominate exceptional members of our Connects community around the theme of Painting on your mobile device. Our most profound thanks for all those of you who nominated – we had a grand total of 57 nominations, and we were thrilled to discover a whole bunch of original artists with bucket loads of talent and potential. It was wonderful to see how many member of our community have already taken to Fresh Paint, using their devices as blank canvases on which to create things of marvel and beauty.


The fantastic three

Firstly, we’re proud to present three Fresh Paint superheroes who dazzled the judges with their creations:

Dhaval Damar – India 

Dhaval is well known to the Connects community for his phenomenal work with Vine, but until now we weren’t aware of his awe-inspiring artwork. A truly worthy MVC nomination!



Ganesh Pawara – India

India’s Ganesh has not been nominated for MVC before, but this competition saw him shine as someone we can count on to create truly inspiring content.


Berto Putik – The Philippines

Berto is a brilliant embodiment of MVC – a seriously talented community member!


All cheer the winner!

This month’s MVC award goes to Phil Galloway, an incredible mobile device artist from the UK who has been showcasing his Lumia 1520 paintings for some time already. The MVC competition has given him another channel through which to express himself, and he has even started a blog of his artwork called Phil Galloway draws. He seems to be equally excited as we are about painting on his Lumia:

“The phone and apps are amazing for my art and opened up whole new angles for my painting!”

Well done Phil, not just for impressing the judges but also for giving us all something to aspire to! Here’s but a few of the brilliant pictures Phil has drawn on his Lumia 1520…


Who makes the finest Vines?

Moving on to next month, our theme will be Vine. This app has really taken off in our community, and we’re on the lookout for those among you who are making the most inspiring and entertaining Vines. The only requirement we’re setting is that the nominated Connector’s Vines should tell a story, but that story can be about anything at all. Creativity rules! And the prize? It’s a complete kit for Vine-making on the go, including a tripod, lenses, a bag and an LED light.

To get you in the mood for nominating, check out the Vines produced by Dhaval Damar right here:

Now contemplate, then nominate!

Anyone, based anywhere on our planet (or outer space, for that matter) can nominate! Every single Microsoft Windows Phone user you nominate will be put forward to our esteemed judges who’ll then make the final choice on the winner.

Ready? Tweet your nominations to @Connects with the hashtag #ConnectsMVC, or email Leah with the name of your nomination and a link to any of their exceptional work. We’re as impatient as ever to see what you’ll send us, but at least we know that time flies! Before you know, we’ll be posting about the next winner. But in the meantime, keep those nominations coming.