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September 16, 2014

Get behind the scenes at the Expert Centre

They seem to know pretty much everything, they are approachable and available, and they are passionate about Lumia devices. No wonder then that a growing number of Lumia-loving IT professionals are big fans of the Expert Centre.

But who exactly are these proficient problem solvers and what kind of issues do they deal with? To find out, we decided to launch a new series, in which we talk to the experts in person.

As first of many, we’re proud to present Iani Atanasov, the Expert Centre team leader. He’s kindly agreed to provide us an introduction to this dedicated hub of helping hands.

So, Iani, what is team like at the Expert Centre and what do you do in practice on a day-to-day basis?

Our key people are based in Europe and provide support in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. All team members have a high level of technical knowledge about mobile platforms and networks as well as Microsoft services. On top of this, we place a great emphasis on our people’s excellent B2B communication skills.

To provide more specialized know-how, we also have a virtual team of experts. We aim to solve problems by reproducing the customers’ issues and then suggesting the best practical solutions.

expert centre chat

What is a typical problem you encounter and how do people contact you?

People get in touch about a variety of topics, but some typical issues are configuring the corporate mailbox or connecting Wi-Fi networks. Many also come to us about more simple questions like the customization and optimization of their devices.

You can contact us directly through the Nokia Expert Centre portal or via email, but our community discussion board is popular, too.

3. How do you begin solving a case and how long does it generally take to find an answer?

Of course this really depends on how complex the case is… one case can take from several hours to even more than a week. Thankfully we have lots of information sources and channels for finding the best possible solution. When solving our most difficult customer issues, we work closely together with several stakeholders, from customers to carriers/operators, system integrators, dealers and R&D. This is something that happens on a weekly basis.

foxtons case microsoft lumia

4. Which single case is most memorable to you in your career and why?

It’s hard to put one case before the rest, but every month we have several cases of high importance that require the attention of the whole team. They are always memorable to us because of the combined effort we put in solving them.

6. How do you put together the amazingly detailed case studies, snapshots and webinars, which are available on the webpage?

The webinars and the training materials are prepared by the best experts on each topic, by our colleagues from different departments within the company.

expert centre webinar

7. What makes you proud to work for the Expert Centre?

We strive to provide complete solutions and most of our customers find resolutions to their issues directly from us. Whenever possible, we avoid referring customers to 3rd party sources of information.

Solving complex cases for customers is the most rewarding part of my job, because that can have a significant effect on our entire company’s success.Of course it’s also very pleasant when I get positive feedback after answering a customer’s question!

We all thrive on praise – and that inspired us to try harder. So keep up that feedback, Nokia@Work readers, to the guys and girls at the Expert Centre and in the comments below. And stay tuned for more insights into what’s arguable the world’s most personable smartphone support centre. Anything particular you’d like to know? Then drop us a hint in the comments section. And if you haven’t visited the Expert Centre yet, head on over today!