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September 16, 2014

Secret agent Lumia – become the next James Bond

We’re not sure who will star in the next 007 movie, but we can help you turn suave agent with these fun stealth-and-spy apps.

Secret Text (free)

secret text

Looking to relay a message or pass that ‘topline’ code that only you and your handler should know?

This fun-and-secure way to communicate will let you encrypt and decrypt your messages as ‘secret text’ to your friends or confidant. To successfully decrypt and find out what was really written in the coded message, you’ll need a unique password. With this, your secret will always remain a secret.

Glance Spy Cam free (free)


A clever way to capture those embarrassing moments of your friends or office mates, without them realizing what you’re up to.

In essence, this app will let you take shots from what appears to be your Glance screen, although it’s not. By default, the app will employ the rear camera, but you can switch to the front cam if needed by clicking the surreptitious ‘E-mail’ icon.

Taking a photo is pretty simple; tap the ‘Time’ icon and boom your secret shot is saved without any shutter sound.

Spy earphone (free)

spyy copy

There are instances when we want to eavesdrop conversations or discussions without being noticed; your kids plotting a raid on the biscuit in, perhaps.

With this app, just plug in your earphones, point your Lumia smartphone in the required direction and pretend as if you’re listening to music; completely disconnected from your surroundings. Then launch the app and tap ‘start’. Based on the loudness of the chatter, increase or decrease the monitoring volume and voilà, a piece of audio evidence awaits.

A word of caution: boost the volume too high (in your greed for more gossip) and you might just get static noise or disturbance, so keep it in the minimal range.

Gotya (free)


Turn your Lumia’s power-packed camera (front and back) into a remote-controlled motion-detecting surveillance cam. The smart Gotya app automatically takes pictures and alerts you when anything moves – be it your pet cat, neighbor or your kids.

It can take up to 15 pictures per second and can be linked to Gotya’s Cloud Service for clicking instant snapshots remotely.

Detective (free)

det copy

Your ‘virtual detective’ is an audio-recording app that also helps you schedule reminders for recordings.

Just turn on the detective, start capturing and leave your Lumia lying around. Watch out for the battery as this hard working spy eats 10-15 % of battery juice every hour. It’s clever enough to not record silence or white noise and will continue capturing even when your Lumia is locked.

Motion Cam ($0.99)

motion cam

Turn your Lumia smartphone into the ultimate personal security and surveillance device. Motion Cam uses the built-in phone camera and microphone to detect movements and noises in the surrounding area without letting people know what you’re up to.

After sensing a motion or detecting audio, the app will start recording an MP4 video and send you an email. You can also set the monitoring intervals, the length of the recording a video and delay between motion detection as per your specification.

There’re also options to remotely start video recordings and backing up your videos to Onedrive.

Have you used any of these apps before? If so, for what?