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September 17, 2014

Mobile banking on your Lumia

Our lives revolve around our Lumia devices. There’s little that these tech marvels can’t do, which includes one of modern life’s most powerful smartphone features; mobile banking.

Some analysts suggest that there will be 1.1 billion people using mobile banking by the year 2015.  

If you’re not banking on your Lumia smartphone yet, you are missing out on a whole world of 24-hour convenience such as transferring money, paying bills, checking statements. Some banks will even let you top up your smartphones with calling cards.

If your bank supports mobile banking, you’ll have to register for the facility. Security is paramount, after all.

Here then are some of our favorites banking apps from around the world.

Bank of America (free)


This US bank lets you check account balances, view credit card account details and see your transaction history. You can also transfer funds to other Bank of America accounts and pay bills right from your Lumia smartphone.

There’s an option to find nearby ATMs and banking center locations via the app, and you can even deposit a cheque by taking a photo of it with your Lumia. Very clever.


Chase Mobile (free)


A 24/7 bank on your Lumia. With the Chase app you can view your account balances, monitor transaction history and check credit card payment dates. Furthermore, pay your bills and schedule payments through Chase Online Bill Pay, or transfer money between Chase accounts, or outside accounts.

It also lets you view your credit and debit card rewards status and redeem credit card reward points. Like the Bank of America app, its ‘QuickDeposit’ feature lets you deposit cheques right from your Lumia by taking a photo and uploading it.

The ‘Find ATM/Branch’ feature helps you in spotting the nearest Chase branches and ATMs around you.

HDFC Bank (free)


This app makes banking on your Lumia a pleasure, in India. Not only can you transfer funds to any other account with a single tap from anywhere and at any time, the transaction is reflected within seconds. Now, if all banking methods could be real time, one would never have to visit a bank, other than to deposit some petty cash.

Swipe through one screen to the other to have access to all your banking needs and requests. It lets you view your current account balance, monthly account summary, status of a cheque issued, debit or credit card details, and also pay off your utility bills. Here you can purchase or redeem mutual funds or other investments, too.

iMobile (free)

icici pic

The single screen of the ICICI bank’s iMobile (another popular bank from India) lets you check the balance available in your account, transfer funds to your family or friends, track the status of cheques cashed or view your credit card outstanding amount.  Another tap from the available account balance and you reach the detailed account statement.

An added feature of the iMobile app is that you can top up your calling cards or data connections and pay for your television cable charges on the go.

Other popular Indian banks, such as State Bank Freedom, Baroda M-Connect, Kotak Bank are also available on the WP store.

Permanent TSB (free)

Like its compatriots, this Irish bank lets you check your account balance, recent transactions status and do your banking on the go. You can also transfer money and pay your utility bills via the app.

Even if you don’t have the mobile banking facility you can still find your nearest branch or ATM based on your current location. Distinguishing useful features are the ‘Currency Converter’ and ‘reminders’ options offered in this app.

The Memory Keeper

Don’t let the burden of login and password details bog you down. Enhancing your Lumia smartphone experience is the perfect Password Manager for you. Just enter in your details and let it memorize the alphanumeric codes for you.


It lets you save all your login or user details and passwords (e-mail, credit card details, etc) in separate categories as per your choice. You can easily access all this information from this app and keep it secure by authorizing a password.

The other unique aspect is that you can make backups of your data and save encrypted AES 128-bit backups to OneDrive.

Mobile banking tips 


Even though Windows Phone is the most secure mobile operating system in the world, and Lumia users are safe from any attack, virus or otherwise, here are some general tips for you to bear in mind when performing a monetary transaction via your smartphone:

  1. Use only official banking apps on your mobile device, instead of using the web browser of your smartphone. Also, update these apps regularly when you get alerts or see a notification.
  2. Log out from the app once you’ve completed your transactions by holding down on the back key and selecting either the cross icon or swiping it down.
  3. Register for SMS alerts to keep track of your banking transactions.
  4. Don’t use Wi-Fi connections available in public locations, offices or cafés as privacy and security can be minimal. Only use your secured home or private wireless network when indulging in funds transactions.
  5. Activate the ‘find my phone’ feature (under Settings) on your Lumia to lock or remotely delete your data should you lose your mobile.
  6. Lastly, enable the ‘lock screen’ feature (under Settings) on your Lumia to password protect your mobile when not using it to prevent unauthorized user access.

Have you tried any of these mobile banking apps before? Which are the ones that you use the most? Share with us in the comments below.