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September 21, 2014

Lumia instagramer of the week: John Koliogiannis

“I use my Lumia for capturing my vision of my world. It makes my eyes lens and fuels my passion for photography.”

These beautiful words, from this week’s Lumia instagramer, encapsulate something every single smartphone photographer can relate to: The way having a Lumia in your pocket makes you look at the everyday differently. John Koliogiannis from Athens, shows that not just in his words but in his images too. The 32-year-old owns a grocery store, but was educated in cinema, filmmaking and directing and it certainly shows in his photographs. But before we enjoy those, let’s hear more from the man himself.


Which Lumia do you have and what do you like most about it?

I currently own the undisputed flagship in terms of camera capabilities…the Lumia 1020. I’ve owned it for a year now, and I must say its camera capabilities are out of this world. Nothing comes close in terms of capturing perfect images, the way I want it to! The manual settings, the ois, the ability to capture RAW are things important to any photographer. Oh, and that huge 1/1,5 sensor!!! 🙂

Where do you shoot most of your photos and what sort of photos do you like to take best?

Due to my timeframe, taking the pictures I want is not always possible. My work barely leaves me more than a few hours a week. I’m a nature man, sea skies, and everything the world gives us.

What are your top tips for taking Instagram photos on your Lumia?

1. For me, it’s all in the “eye” first. See what you are about to shoot, bring the image from your mind, trigger that, and capture! But it’s not always roses. Most of the time, practice fixes everything as they say, and its true. Shoot a lot – and by a lot, I mean a LOT! Everyday. Anything, everywhere, keep trying to find the perfect frame, the perfect subject, the thing that brings storytelling to you, and then to others.

2. Keep fighting for the perfect frame! I’ve been wet, in mud, haze or a terrain full of sharp stones. Reach the ground, or the sky. Get low or get nothing!

3. Manual settings. Without those, some things just are not going to happen. Use them with care!

Which five Lumia instagramers do you recommend everyone to follow?

This is the most difficult question! Being surrounded by some amazing talents and fascinating people in our community is enough reason to name at least 50, not 5…so my list is people that come to mind, and not so much emotionally. That way the list would go on forever!


What are your top 10 favourite Lumia instagram pics?

John Koliogiannis 1

“Reach”. I love this photo for 2 reasons: it’s an homage to one of my favorite instagramers @meetjulian and because that day I reached the sky in a very personal thing in my life.

John Koliogiannis 2

This is my view of the world, the way I see things around me….plus the beautiful sunset.

John Koliogiannis 3

I kept “seeing” angels in the sky in this photo…the result.

John Koliogiannis 4

My city, Athens. Capital of Greece and once capital of the world!

John Koliogiannis 5

I love this photo. It gives me a “300” vibe.

John Koliogiannis 6

A sunset…but a king of sunsets!

John Koliogiannis 7

Love the way the leaves become one with the sun.

John Koliogiannis 8

A church silhouette shot and nothing more!

John Koliogiannis 9

The top of a church, somewhere in the Aegean sea. One of my top moments!

We’re totally loved up with John’s work and the amazing insights his photos gives us into the stunning beauty of Athens. If you are, too, make sure you follow him on Instagram. And if you’re a Lumia Instagramer, and you’d like to see your work showcased here, you can either follow us on Instagram or share your best pics with #Lumia, or both. In the meantime, let us know which of John’s photos you enjoyed most in the comments below.