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September 22, 2014

Misfit App: Stats and Style for you and your Lumia

A pendant that tracks your steps, calories and mileage. A watch that logs your running pace, sleep and calories.

Whether it’s a fitness band, a watch, or other fashion-meets-fitness gadget, more wearable technology paired with Windows Phone apps are coming your way.

Fitbit and Adidas miCoach are two wearable devices that — along with their corresponding Windows Phone apps and your Lumia — can track your physical activity, calories consumed, and sleep.

Now, the latest in the wearable-tech line is the Misfit Shine, a sleek, minimalist sphere that comes in nine colors and that you can wear as a bracelet, pendant, or even a brooch. Pair it with the corresponding Windows Phone 8.1 Misfit app to track physical activity such as walking, cycling and swimming as well as how much sleep you get every night! (Please note that you need to have Lumia Cyan update installed on your Lumia.)

With the free and elegant app, it’s easy to set your fitness goals; log your steps, calories, and distance; and track your weight and sleep (both quality and duration). Of course, you can customize your profile and compare your activity with that of your friends. Over time, the app builds data on your daily life, showing your trends in physical activity, which could motivate you to move more.


Wearable technology still on the rise

Wearable technology has evolved from a geek fad to a full-blown technology trend that shows no sign of stopping. As chip and battery technologies get ever smaller, and as the sensors in these devices grow more sophisticated, you’ll see even more integration between wearable devices and the human body. Who knows what the future may bring?

The trend is still young, but sales in just activity trackers and sports watches reached $700 million last year and is expected to more than double this year, according to industry analysts.

Here’s another eye-popping statistic: One in six American consumers (15 percent) use a wearable-tech device. I myself wear a little, black Fitbit Zip every day to help me get more exercise, and many of my friends use similar devices to track their running or cycling.

Have you jumped on the wearable-tech bandwagon yet? Perhaps the Misfit Shine and Misfit app could be your first step towards a healthier, more active lifestyle.