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September 27, 2014

Lumia Instagramer of the Week: Filip Odman

“Sometimes I just pick up my phone and admire its beauty from every angle.”

This is how this week’s Lumia instagramer of the week, Filip Odman, describes his relationship with his Lumia 1020. Coincidentally enough, we have very similar feelings about his photography, which we could study for hours on end.

A dental hygienist from a small city in Sweden, Filip came to wider Lumia fame with his #Connects Instagram takeover back in August. If you were as impressed with his underground pics as us, you probably can’t wait to hear what he has to say about his Lumia and his art.

But before we do that we have an exciting announcement to make. Since we launched Instagramer of the week, at the end of last year, we’ve showcased nearly forty amazing Lumia Instagramers and helped build a Lumia Instagram community, which has gone from strength to strength. Now we want to ask that community to get even more involved by choosing the best Lumia photographers out there. So, from next month onwards, we won’t be having a Lumia Instagramer of the week. Instead we’ll be featuring a Lumia Instagramer of the month, choosen by you, from a monthly shortlist of four. These fab four will be featured during the second week of each month, and you’ll get the chance to vote on your favourite. The person with the most votes will be crowned Lumia instagramer of the month. We think it’s an exciting way to involve you all and we hope you do too. However, before that kicks off, let’s hear more this week’s Instagram super star.

lumiaWhich Lumia do you have and what do you like most about it?

I have the Lumia 1020 but I started my Instagram career with a Lumia 920. What I like most about my Lumia is the design and build quality, almost as much as the camera.

Where do you shoot most of your photos and what sort of photos do you like to take best?

I’m a big fan of different subcultures like urban exploring, graffiti culture and skateboarding. What these groups have in common, I think, is that they always have their eyes open for cool spots to skate, explore or graff on. These places are great to capture with your camera too.

I like to shoot people in cool environments, but I’m often out exploring on my own so often I end up taking pictures of myself in cool environments, too!

What are your top tips for taking Instagram photos on your Lumia?

Firstly, always carry some additional light source with you. I always have a lighter, headlamp, a small flashlight or a big spotlight I recently bought. Secondly, explore everything. I have gone to about a thousand places this summer where I’d never have gone if it weren’t for Instagram. Also remember to hold your Lumia still while taking photos (unless you’re trying to follow a moving object and you want the background blurry and the moving object in focus), have a clean lens, shoot whatever you find interesting, and always take many pics from different angles as possible.

Which five Lumia instagramers do you recommend everyone to follow?

I must mention my Lumia boys who’ve been with me from the start and given me support… sadly there’s no girls.

aguynamedrhida delivers perfection in every gram.

rharussel, the most dedicated gramer.

deepakkhoenie, the black and white master.

arqui45, biker like me who posts what he wants.

vuviwild is not afraid to take selfies. I respect that, and he’s a handsome man, too.

Many other would deserve a mention, sorry… I could only list five.

What are your 10 favourite Lumia photos?


 I like how this turned out with the sun on top.

Filip odman 2

I was very happy to be able to capture this moment. I think there’s a great contrast between the girl in niqab and the girl showing her legs, in a very cool environment.
Filip odman 3
This was shot with my Lumia 920 and a wide angle lens.
Filip odman 4
This is what I love most, snowboarding in slushy warm sunny weather and shredding with some cool dudes.
Filip odman 5
This was the first shot that I was really proud of.
Filip odman 6
I love these kinds of pics, especially when the person taking the pic is sitting on a skyscraper 🙂
Filip odman 7
I spent two years studying in Umeå and this was the last day. Loved that city.
Filip odman 8
There’s just something about tunnels and I love the contrasts in this pic.


Filip odman 9
So dark, maybe my favorite pic.
Filip odman 10
This is nice.

Blown away by Filip’s subculture showcase? If so, make sure you follow him on Instagram. And if you’re a Lumia Instagramer, and you’d like to see your work showcased here, you can either follow us on Instagram or share your best pics with #Lumia, or both.  In the meantime, let us know which of Filip’s photos you enjoyed most in the comments below.