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September 28, 2014

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Games, shopping, editing, sharing and more – we’ve got an excellent stash of apps lined up for you this week!

As ever, the Windows Phone Store continues to overflow with exciting goodies, and we’ve had the enviable task of separating the great from the, well, even greater. Here, then, are our top five picks of the last week’s new releases…

Send Anywhere

What is it: a file-sharing app

Why we love it: It’s simple, it’s secure, and it’s functional. You don’t need a special account or a string of passwords, and you don’t have to adhere to limits on storage space because you’re not stockpiling files remotely. (There’s a time-limit on downloads, though: if you don’t pick up your files in time, they’ll go away.) You simply select the file you want to share and generate a code, which you then share with the recipient; they can input this either on their own app or on the Send Anything website, and presto, there’s the file. You’ll need an internet connection, of course, but otherwise – foolproof!

Who it’s perfect for: workers, photographers – most adults, we reckon.

Send Anywhere


What is it: photo-editing software

Why we love it: It lets you open and edit .dng (raw) photo files straight on your phone – that means you can work on the full-sized, uncompressed images – even those you’ve brought in from certain DSLR cameras – without transferring them over to your PC. And though low memory devices slow the process down, you have the option to open images at half-size, which is still better than the usual jpeg compressions. It’s a brilliant tool – just be aware you’ll have to unlock the editing functions via an in-app purchase. Highly recommended!

Who it’s perfect for: photographers (but remember, only certain Lumias can shoot in this format).


Asphalt Overdrive

What is it: An intense action-packed racing game with a fab retro feel.

Why we love it: Asphalt Overdrive is the first spin-off from the award-winning Asphalt series and what an insanely intense experience it is too. Set in 1980s California it’s a mission-based racing game with 30 cars for you to unlock. And not just any old cars but classics such as the Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa.

Who it’s perfect for: Any gamer who feels the need for speed



What is it: an online super-store for the Middle Eastern market

Why we love it: Souq is an enormous shopping resource for the Middle East – comparisons with Amazon are pretty spot-on – so a WP app is to be welcomed. Browse, buy, track orders and pay securely – it’s not a web-wrapper and it does everything you’ll need, though right now you’ll have to live in the UEA, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia or Egypt if you want to get stuck in. Thumbs up!

Who it’s perfect for: Middle Eastern shoppers


110 Puzzles for Kids

What is it: a jigsaw game compilation

Why we love it: A handy distraction for pre-schoolers, this drag-and-drop jigsaw game ought to buy harassed parents a few minutes of peace… Only ten of the vaunted 110 are free in the trial, but if your kids go for it, the extra 100 aren’t going to bankrupt you. It’s not very challenging, but it’s colourful and ad-free, and it ought to suit its target audience – though we think the four-year-olds will move on pretty fast.

Who it’s perfect for: very young gamers

110 puzzles

Good, right? We’re pleased, anyway, and we’d love to know what you thought – which apps have been rocking your world this week? Stay tuned for more of our finds next week – and watch this space, too, for our end-of-month games round-up!

Image credit: Lauryn