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September 29, 2014

INSTEON: Home control with Windows Phone & Cortana

Part of what makes the internet great is the way it connects us to everything, from friends and family to PCs in other rooms and now, even the light switches and thermostat.

If you’re not familiar with the “connected home” concept, it’s essentially a home that has the right hardware and software so devices and systems, such as thermostats, video cameras and electric lights, can operate on your behalf.

You could have your very own connected home and control different aspects of it using nothing but your Lumia. Welcome to the future, today!

The hardware


First, you’ll need to purchase the equipment, which you can find at the Microsoft Store:

If not, look through INSTEON’s ‘Where to Buy’ page for some other outlets.

The kit varies depending on the one you purchased, but options include a motion sensor, open/close sensor, thermostat, Wi-Fi camera, and others. You can also purchase additional sensors ad hoc, should you want more.

INSTEON Thermostat
INSTEON Thermostat
INSTEON Wifi Camera
INSTEON Wifi Camera

While we can’t help you with the installation, which is supposed to be fairly straight forward, we can help you with controlling it.

The software

Once you’ve got the INSTEON equipment installed, download the INSTEON for Hub app onto your Windows Phone 8/ 8.1 smartphone.


From the app, you can turn lights on and off, or even dim them if you’re using the INSTEON LED Bulb.

With door and motion sensors in place, you’ll be alerted if anybody gains entry into your premises or if they don’t shut the door as they leave the house. If they do, you can check out the live feed from the Wi-Fi camera right on your phone.

Feeling a little warm or cool? Instruct the thermostat to adjust the temperature.

Cortana controlled

INSTEON for Hub now includes support for Cortana, meaning it’s even easier to control your home.

Rather than loading up the app, try some of these commands:

“INSTEON, turn off all the lights.”


“INSTEON, adjust ‘Living Room Thermostat’ temperature down.”

Make your home a connected home, using INSTEON and the INSTEON for Hub app.

Is your home connected? Let us know, in the comments below.