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September 30, 2014

10 reasons why the Lumia 930 is purrfect for catz

Charles Dickens once asked, “What greater gift than the love of a cat?”

For cat owners, the answer is obvious: None. Our feline friends tick all the boxes when it comes to a comfy cuddle or a hairy hug. No surprise then that when we challenged filmmakers to showcase their love for Lumia, Mia Mullarkey choose to express her adoration via her cat.

The resulting film, which won our Social Media Week film competition #SMWCreative and was filmed entirely with a Lumia 930, has been a huge hit on YouTube, clocking up over 200K views. Too see what all the fuss is about, check out her paw-some video for yourself.

Her creativity not only gave us a giggle, but made us realize that the Lumia 930 really and truly is purrfect for catz! Don’t believe us? Here’s 10 fantastically feline-friendly features of our latest Windows Phone marvel.

1. The 5” Full HD display is the ideal size for cats of all shapes and sizes, from large-pawed Toms to teeny tiny cutesy kittens.

2. The wireless charger makes it quick and easy to get charged up, without the inevitable distraction of oh-so-tempting cables or cords.

3. No opposable thumbs, no problem. Thanks to a super sensitive touch screen made from Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, the Lumia 930 is easy to use yet hard to scratch, even with the sharpest of claws.


4. The 20MP PureView Camera is great for capturing all of those important moments in a cat’s nine lives, such as a kitten’s first steps or the neighbor’s dog caught stealing.

5. It’s equipped with Windows Phone 8.1 and exclusive Lumia LiveTiles for customization so that every cat’s phone can be unique.

6. It comes in a range of colours that will please even the sharpest of eyes.

7. MixRadio provides unlimited, commercial-free music streaming that’s the purrfect backdrop to a quick catnap or playtime.

8. 1080p video resolution with the Nokia Video Upload app will help post the cutest, funniest cat videos, which are guaranteed to go viral.

9. Tons of built-in productivity features such as Calculator, To-do-lists, Calendar, Alarm clock, and OneDrive will keep those short kitty attention spans up to scratch!


10. The Word Flow keyboard will correct typing and spelling, too. As we all know, catz aren’t im-mewn to linguistic mistakes!

We hope you loved Mia’s video as much as we did! Let us know in the comments what you think, and feel free to drop a few of your own reasons why cats would love the Lumia 930. Even better if you can work in an a-mew-sing pun or two!

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