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September 30, 2014

FIFA 15: Ultimate Team scores on Windows Phone

Nothing is more satisfying than chipping a football past the goalkeeper and watching it land firmly in the back of the net. Create plenty of those moments with FIFA 15: Ultimate Team.

As with any FIFA game, the aim is to become the greatest football team that ever ruled a pitch. (That’s “field” to our American readers.)

FIFA 15: Ultimate Team features over 10,000 players from more than 500 licensed teams, making this a massive game.

Start by selecting your squad. Next, move each player into the formation of your choosing.


As with a real football match, each player has his strengths, so positioning is key to success. For example, there’s no point sticking Lionel Messi in goal. While we’re sure he’d make an excellent keeper, he’s best up front.

Building your team takes time, skill and most importantly, money. As you progress through the game, you’ll earn coins that can be used to strengthen your squad or performance by way of players, kit, or stadiums.

FIFA 15: Ultimate Team gives you several ways to pay: quick match, tournaments, seasons, as well as others.


Whichever game your find yourself competing in, the controls are really quite simple.

The “Casual Controls” option offers the simplest way to play with fewer on-screen controls. That means there’s less fumbling around when the heat is on. Otherwise, you can still play with the “Classic Controls” if you prefer.

FIFA 15: Ultimate Team plugs into your Xbox account, which means you can earn achievements towards your gamer score, giving you plenty of bragging rights with your pals.


While FIFA 15: Ultimate Team is free to download, there is the option for in-app purchasing if you want to get ahead quicker.

Download FIFA 15: Ultimate Team today for free. We recommend downloading via Wi-Fi as the file is quite large at 781 MB.