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October 2, 2014

Flipboard is your personal magazine

A visually rich, personalized news and information app, Flipboard is coming pre-loaded to the new Lumia 830 and will be available on Windows Phone devices with at least 1GB of RAM.

Flipboard is a new, free Windows Phone 8.1 app that organizes content that’s important to you in a beautiful and intuitive way.

Personalized Content

On opening Flipboard, the stories you see are grouped under seven topics of your choosing, such as Technology, Food, News, Flipboard Picks and Cover Stories – a sort of mini-magazine that includes a story from each of the categories.


You can sleuth out more content by typing in keywords in the app’s Search Bar, by following other people’s magazines, and by adding stories highlighted in your social-media networks.

So, for example, I created a topic for “NASA Mars Rover” and another for “marathons.” That way, Flipboard knows to send news stories that contain those keywords directly to me.

Flipboard uses a combination of four factors to curate the stories you would be most interested in: human editors; computer algorithms; posts and interaction from your friends on social networks; and your own preferences.

Creating Your Own Magazines


Planning to a first-time visit to Paris? With Flipboard, it’s easy to create a digital magazine filled with the latest news, neighborhood guides, reviews of Michelin-starred restaurants and blogs about the City of Light.

At its most basic level, Flipboard helps you curate and organize news, photos, videos, and other content so that they are most helpful to you. Adding content to a magazine is as simple as tapping the “+” icon – known as “flipping” — on the stories that appear in your Flipboard.

And you don’t have to just create magazines. If you flip recipes, your magazine becomes a cookbook. If you flip the latest runway fashions, your magazine becomes a “look book.”

Unlike print magazines, your digital magazine can shrink, expand and otherwise change. After you name your magazine (e.g. “Dream Trip: Paris!”), you can set and change the cover photo, re-arrange articles and photos, and add (or delete) as many articles as your croissant-loving heart desires.

Optimized for Windows Phone

In addition to the Lumia 830, Flipboard will also run on other popular high-end devices with Windows Phone 8.1 such as Lumia 1520, Lumia Icon and others. You can find it in the Windows Phone Store. The Microsoft and Flipboard teams will continue to work together in the months ahead to develop a road map for optimizing Flipboard for lower memory Windows Phones.

Flipboard introduces features specifically built for Windows Phone like swiping up to share view and articles and setting Flipboard as a Live Tile on your Lumia’s Start Screen.


Join the Flipboard revolution: Since last year, Flipboard users have created more than 10 million digital magazines on topics from ballet to meditation to golf. We have created one for Conversations – why not add yours to the mix?

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