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October 2, 2014

Our top 10 new Windows Phone games of September

It’s October, which means that school is well and truly underway.

If you need a break from your homework, whether you’re the student, the parent or even the teacher, then you’ve come to the right place – we’ve compiled a list of our ten favourite games from the past month especially for you!

Incredible Toys

Why We Love It: It’s a manic runner-slash-strategy game with oodles of cuteness to keep you cooing over the main characters – who are, as you might have guessed, toys. There are plenty of missions – fights, training, tasks to complete – to keep you up late at night and it’s challenging enough for adults, but we suspect that the cuddly-bear factor and cartoon-like graphics will make it more appealing to younger players.




Why We Love It: It’s a physics puzzle game featuring ancient Roman, Viking and Incan sets. Basically you’ve got to cut the chains to set various balls rolling in just such a way to get them to the appropriate coloured target. There are a lot of levels, and gameplay is trickier than it sounds. A great timewaster!



Daddy Was A Thief

Why We Love It: Who wouldn’t love a game with a name like that…? You play an intrepid robber who’s got to smash his way through the floors of an infinitely tall building, collecting as many coins as possible before the cops nab him or he blows himself up. It’s like a vertical infinite runner, very easy to control, you get to break loads of (virtual) things: honestly, this is amazing! Shell out for the full version, though; the trial’s not good for very many floors.


Gravity Badgers

Why We Love It: Space badgers! This is another physics game, though in this one you’re using your jetpack and the forces of gravity in space to propel yourself cross the screen – through space! – to the safety of a wormhole. It’s a little slow to get going, but once you get through the tutorials it picks up and is quite challenging. We also like the retro interstellar vibe of the graphics. It’s been out a little while, but as of this month, it’s free!




Why We Love It: This Xbox Live title is a blast from the past with its blocky old-skool graphics and bleepy music; combining platform-style exploration and fighting with an RPG-style inventory and the option to build your own landscape, it really does straddle a lot of boxes. Whether you like single-player or multi-player gaming, this’ll suit you. Worth the rather hefty price-tag.


Sok and Sao’s Adventure

Why We Love It: It’s a cute yet demanding action/adventure platformer with oodles of enemy bugs to zap (and punch and bomb) and worlds to explore. The controls are a little fiddly, but it’s a fun game with great graphics and we can let that slide. Slightly weirdly, it’s themed around Dengue Fever – your goal is to destroy the carriers (Aedes mosquitos) in order to eradicate the disease, and the developers want you to use social media to raise awareness of this issue by sharing screenshots. Hey, it’s a good cause: do it!


Feed OmNomster – The Hungry Monster

Why We Love It: This isn’t so much a difficult game as a sort of mobile stress-buster; you’re in charge of a starving little critter who’s being inundated with yummy trash. Shake your phone so he can eat, activate slow-mo to escape bombs, or just shoot the bombs up. It’s a really simple concept really well executed, and we think the kids will LOVE it.


Asphalt Overdrive

Why We Love It: A high-octane mission-based racing game, this one has all the bells and whistles: heist-like tasks, customizable vehicles, stunts, excellent race-tracks in Southern California. Various online gimmicks – joining teams and competing to get up the leaderboard – add to the package, but if you’re not into that end of things, don’t worry – it’s a great driving game and easy to pick up. Thumbs up from us!


King of Dragon Pass

Why We Love It: Okay, this is really expensive, but we think it’s pretty darn excellent, and there’s a trial version available for those who’d rather trying before buying. Billed as a storytelling game, this is a full-on role-playing saga, as you play generations of characters in your attempt to become the King of Dragon Pass. There’s an extensive guide to the gameplay, but if you plunge right in, it’s pretty straightforward with lots of in-game instructions and hints, though the set-up is very long; be prepared to play for hours. If you love an immersive medieval experience, with diplomacy, trade, magic, war and dragons, then this is for you.



Pig Jump!

Why We Love It: An infinite runner/jumper, this has you – the pig – leaping from left to right across the screen, shooting at your enemies. Tilting your phone gets the pig to move, which we find more cumbersome than virtual buttons, but once you get into the swing of it, this is fun. Younger players ought to get a real kick out of it.


Eight, nine, ten – that’s the lot! An excellent selection, we hope you’ll agree. We can’t cover everything, though, so if we’ve missed your September favourite, please shout out in the comments. We’re always after recommendations!