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October 2, 2014

Our most powerful portable charger yet

The new Microsoft Portable Power is an energizing heavyweight full of charging prowess in a compact, slender form.

You wouldn’t think it to look at it, but once fully charged, this compact, rounded cylindrical portable charger has the energy to provide enough power to charge most smartphones twice.

Moreover, the Microsoft Portable Power can charge your smartphone as quickly as our fastest wall charger, the AC-60.

Hidden inside the Microsoft Portable Power sits a 6000mAh rechargeable battery, which charges to 80 percent capacity in about three hours, and 100 percent in about four hours.


To charge your smartphone, plug in any USB-A charging cable. Thanks to the universally compatible USB interface, it’ll more than likely charge your other devices, too.

If you’ve got concerns about the need to keep charging the Microsoft Portable Power, forget them. Because of the device’s low standby battery consumption, it keeps a full charge for months. Even after six months, the Microsoft Portable Power will have 80 percent of power.

But if you do want to top up the stored power, you can do so via USB. Alternatively — and here’s a nice idea — you can daisy-chain the Microsoft Portable Power and your Lumia together and charge both at the same time. Priority will go to your Lumia, of course.


Priced at 39€ / $49 USD, the Microsoft Portable Power will be available in white, bright green and bright orange, and will be hitting the stores in October.

Want one before anyone else? Tell us why you need one in the comments below– we’ve got five to give away.

But wait. Rather than just a simple comment, be as creative as possible. Maybe create a presentation using PowerPoint Online showing why you want one, or use Lumia Storyteller to share your tale.