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October 6, 2014

Imaging apps for your Lumia

Add glamour and sparkle to your shots with some of the best imaging and photo editing apps in the Windows Phone Store.

Capturing photos with your Lumia, such as the new Lumia 830, is the first step in the memory-making process. After that, use these apps to perfect them.

Adobe Photoshop Express (free) facetune

Your one-stop shop for all your photo tweaking needs, Adobe Photoshop Express lets you adjust everything in your photo: contrast, vibrancy, cropping, color temperature, frames or filters. So go on and add that extra tint or hue and edit your photos while on the go!

While there are plenty of free features available in the app, some of the added extras need to be purchased.

Facetune ($2.99)

We told you how the dedicated Lumia Sefie app is the perfect way to take selfies but if you need to further fine-tune your image, then Facetune is for you.

Options include making acne disappear and changing the color of your eyes so you can be rest assured that your friends will only get to seethe best version of your self-portraits. Adding artistic flair to your selfies and retouching portraits right on your Lumia is easy and enjoyable.

Instagram BETA (free)

No introductions required here. Capture and share your life’s memorable moments with your friends and fellow Instagramers.

Transform your everyday photos taken by your Lumia into works of art and spread this Lumia love through the wide web of Instagram.

Vine (free) PicsArt

Letting you create some fun and crazy, short videos on your Lumia is Vine.

A cool way to see and share life in motion, Vine lets you easily create six-second looping videos that you can share with your friends and family as well as on social media.

PicsArt (free)

Packing in a lot of editing features such as flip/rotate, resize, clone, crop, PicsArt even lets you create collages and add effects to your photos.  Jazz up your photos by using a pen tool or add stickers, text effects and graphics for some afterthoughts.

Flipagram (free)

One simple question- what is the best you can do with the hundreds of photos taken on your Lumia? Collect all your long lost photos and watch them come to life with Flipagram!

Here’s how you can create a Flipagram.

Video Tuner (free)

How about trimming unwanted or extra flab from the videos shot on your Lumia right on your smartphone?

With the Video Tuner app, you can do all this and much more. Try adding music to your video or adjusting the volume to suit particular scenes or even apply filters.

Editing and sharing videos was never this easy, wouldn’t you agree?

Afterlight ($0.99) Afterlightblack250

By far the most intuitive and creative photo editor, this app offers you 57 customizable filters to fire up your imagination. We profiled Afterlight earlier, but in short, here is what you can do with this app: add texture and frames, apply filters, and enhance your images to perfection.

These are just some Windows Phone imaging apps for you to get started.

Do you use any other apps for editing photos? Share them with us in the comments below.