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Creativity Untethered: The New Adobe Creative Cloud on Surface Pro 3

Written By published October 6, 2014

I get super excited when we get to share remarkable new experiences with our fans. When we set out to build Surface we knew we were building a product that helps people get more done. Some of the most inspiring work we see created on Surface comes from artists, designers, and film makers, and we keep these people constantly in mind as we think about where Surface is going.   We look forward to the next creative generation using the technology as well. My son uses Adobe’s creative programs all the time, and he gives the kind of feedback that some of our established artists give. Like you they want it to take advantage of everything Surface Pro 3 can do in a way that feels natural.

Seeing Satya on stage with Shantanu today at Adobe MAX was special for me and for everyone on the team. We know that creativity doesn’t just happen when you are in the studio, or the office, or in front of your desktop or your Cintiq display. For me, it’s almost never at my desk that we are working on some of our most creative efforts, or brainstorming the next set of products we are dreaming to create…. Because of this, we make it our mission to build the best creative productivity solution available, and to make sure that the full experience isn’t just available on your studio workbench, but is ready whenever you need it. Solving the challenge of mobile creativity and untethered creativity is really important to us, and the ability to work with a passionate partner like Adobe is awesome.

Adobe Photoshop CC on Surface Pro 3

I am excited about the enhancements Adobe unveiled today, optimized for your Surface Pro 3, and what they will make possible. The power of touch-enabled, scaled, and pen-optimized user interface for Surface Pro resonated with many of you. Surface is the only tablet powerful enough to run the real-deal, uncompromised creative apps you love, but to date the actual experience of using it has been painful at times. The elements of the UI that you needed to touch seemed too small, and the lack of great pen input and gestures felt like an omission on a device like Surface Pro 3 where the pen and gestures open up so many possibilities. Together, we knew we could make the experience great, and we started this work with Adobe long before the Surface Pro 3 unveiling event in New York City this spring.

If we are going to talk about transformation, we have to about what is new in Illustrator. Illustrator CC has introduced a new workspace that is designed for Surface. This touch workspace lets designers create on the go what they could once only accomplish sitting at their studio workbench before. This new workspace exposes the core tools and controls for drawing and editing, making it super simple to start creating with pen and touch. The pressure-sensitive pen makes drawing beautiful curves right on the canvas feel very natural – never before have you been able to just pick up your pen anywhere and draw with the same accuracy as the studio tools you’ve used in the past. Let alone directly on the glass canvas in your lap. In all of this, not a single feature had to be sacrificed. This is the real-deal Illustrator just a simple click away to the full environment you know and love.

Adobe Illustrator CC on Surface Pro 3

Go install the latest version of Illustrator CC (there is a free 30-day trial) on your Surface Pro 3 today and see what happens when you pull off the keyboard. There is a transformational new experience here, and we think you are going to love it.

I can’t wait to hear your feedback, I can’t wait to see your thoughts, but more importantly, I can’t wait to see the awesome creations you will create with your Surface Pro3 and Adobe. Show me and the team your creations via @panos_panay and @surface (#SurfaceART). Nothing would inspire us more.