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October 6, 2014

3 ways Expert Centre saved a customer’s day

Another day, another peek behind the scenes at Expert Centre. This time we contacted Ilian, one of the professionals dedicated to solving customers’ problems.

He agreed to shed a light on the kind of issues that Expert Centre deals with on a daily basis. “The issues reported to us cover a very broad technical range,” he told us, proving his point with three completely different stories of technical troubleshooting. Without further introduction, here they are.

Expert Centre call

Case One: Wi-Fi problems with a Lumia 2520

The challenge:

A director from a US-based retail sales company contacted Expert Centre with an issue on the Wi-Fi connection on a Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet. The device kept dropping the WiFi connection at home – and occasionally away from home, too. If he tried to run Nokia MixRadio, it choked on every song. He’d always have to disconnect and reconnect to restore the connection.

The solution:

The customer was provided with a few troubleshooting steps in order to minimize packet loss as well as instructions on how to optimally configure his router, from checking the settings to choosing a channel less likely to be used by neighbours’ routers. Finally, we came up with checking the router’s fragmentation threshold value, which turned out to be too low! A few days later, after following our advice and installing new software updates, the customer confirmed that the WiFi was now working.

The feedback:

“Your response has to be the best I have ever received from a customer support rep. Your logic trumps mine. Please let me have your manager’s email so I can praise your efforts. Or just forward this to him. Thank you for the spare time efforts and your handling of a frustrated customer. I applaud you. You are a credit to Nokia!”

expert centre problem solving

Case Two: Problems creating a Microsoft Account

The challenge:

A customer from a Finnish IT company was running into problems when trying to create Microsoft accounts during the initial setup of new devices. The problem was that the Microsoft server was not receiving requests from the devices for account creation, though account creation from the Microsoft site was possible. This had happened with several Lumia models despite using different SIM cards and WLAN networks. The customer representatives knew that Microsoft Accounts could’ve been created on the Microsoft website and then configured in mobile devices, but as they were inexperienced users, this was not an ideal solution.

The solution:

The problem was reproduced in our test environment and immediately sent for investigation to our R&D team. They liaised directly with Microsoft and the issue was given high priority. Microsoft conducted a check on their side and solved the problem straight away, once again proving the speed and effectiveness of our extensive support network. This, naturally, made a fantastic impression on the customer.

The feedback:

“I tested it and indeed it seems to be working now. Thank you for the quick resolution! Also I would like to commend you on your email correspondence which has been by far the best I have come across when dealing with several different support sites.”

Case Three: Voicemail notifications

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 11.53.32 PM

The challenge:

A customer from the logistics industry in the UK had trouble with voicemail notifications on their phones. To make sure they didn’t miss anything urgent, they had to keep checking their voicemail on a constant basis. Having sent several inquiries to their mobile operator, they turned to the Expert Centre.

The solution:

Though this was really an operator issue and not in our core scope of support, we started conducting research on the operator’s official pages and related forums. As a result, we discovered that the customer needed to dial a specific number and type a number sequence in order to activate the SMS voicemail notifications. After double-checking with a colleague in the same country that this really works, we told the customer the good news.

The feedback:

“I very much appreciate you getting back to me about this one – the solution you presented for SMS notifications has done the job nicely. For the first time in 3 months, we’ve finally found a sensible solution and our individual workers can get voicemail notifications again. Many thanks – this case can now be closed”.

“The most important and gratifying part of the job for us,” Ilian says, “is the cooperation and mutual learning process between us at Expert Centre and our customers.” Long may it continue! Have you ever dealt with Expert Centre? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.


Cover image credit: Mai Le