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October 7, 2014

To do or not to do? Best tasks apps for Windows Phone

You can’t keep all your tasks and to-do lists in your head. But finding the right organizer is not easy, as needs vary from person to person. But help is here!


Whether it’s taking notes on the fly or scribbling your tasks on the Lumia 1520 or the new Lumia 830, here are some of the best to-do and task-manager apps to help you remember your essentials in a flexible yet effective manner.

Effectual effe

Feeding endless tasks and to-do’s onto our Lumia is the easiest thing that we can do, but how many of those have you achieved effectivelyEffectual not only lets you conquer your tasks but ensures that you stay productive.

Logging tasks is easy. Sign in with your Windows ID to get started. Once logged in, you can add your tasks not just on your Lumia but across all Windows-based devices.

Over to the more interesting features now: You can assign urgency (low, medium, high, and critical, and status-open, cancelled, hold, expired, or complete) to your tasks. You can also enter a description for each task, as well as set a reminder, due date, and expiration so that you’re alerted in a timely fashion.

The app’s lock screen integration lets you view your priority tasks at a glance even when your phone is locked.

OneNote has made taking notes, be it for work or your personal musings, easier. I like writing my shopping lists on it and recording audio notes when it’s difficult to key in details manually. And if you use OneNote extensively, don’t forget to pin it to your Start screen for quick access.

Both OneNote and Evernote are best used when planning a party or assigning your friends tasks they need to do. You can attach photos and e-mail friends their tasks; you can also post to your social accounts to spread the word.


Here’s another list-making app that lets you to manage your to-do tasks in a unique way. Compose your grocery list or travel itineraries within the app and easily share with friends or family to delegate tasks. Start conversations about your to-dos right in the app and pin any of your lists to your Start screen to view them at a glance.


This simple and powerful tasks list lets you control your notes by simple gestures.

Making full use of your Lumia’s touch environment and intuitive gestures, you can create a new note by pulling down and add content to a task by pinching. Swiping right on the screen completes the note.


You can also create lists within lists, color-code them and pin notes to the Start screen as a live tile. Edit and dispose of notes and checklists and share them by e-mail.


Like its name, this app is tiny and easy. Simplistic to the core, it lets you add your tasks with a few swipes. Swiping down creates a new note, swiping right makes the task complete with a strikethrough effect. Swipe left to delete your to-do. And for the interesting bit, shake your Lumia to clear completed tasks.

Flip over and you can set a priority marker for an individual note and also an alarm reminder. There is also the option to edit tasks if you need repeated alerts. The live tile support shows you outstanding tasks. Don’t forget to back-up and sync your data through OneDrive.

Have you used these apps before? Are there any other to-do or task-manager apps you use?