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October 9, 2014

Impress Your Boss: More Windows Phone Productivity Apps

The pressure’s on for all of us to perform well at work. We’re here to help you become a workplace superstar.

The pressure’s on for all of us to perform well at work. We’re here to help you become a workplace superstar.

Well, your Lumia and a wealth of apps in the Windows Phone Store can help you achieve corporate action-figure status!

We recently covered some great productivity apps here and here.

Now, here are three more Windows Phone apps that can help super-size your work productivity and make your boss happy.



Known as Facebook for the workplace, LinkedIn can help you track companies, see and share the latest business-related updates from your connections, and read the news relevant to your industry with this free app for Windows Phone 8 and above.

It’s easy to provide status updates: Tap the plus button in the blue bar at the bottom of the screen, write your post, and choose whether you want to share the update publicly or just with your connections. Under Updates, you can “like,” comment on and share updates from your connections by tapping the matching icons in the app’s blue bar.

Swipe to the right and five blue tiles dominate the app screen: LinkedIn Today, Groups, Jobs, Inbox, and Companies. The first, which has been re-branded LinkedIn Pulse on the LinkedIn’s full website, gives you news best suited to your industry. The Jobs category shows you opportunities that may interest you (and which you can save) while Groups gives you the most recent discussions in the professional groups you subscribe to.

Inbox gives you instant access to all LinkedIn communication between you and your connections, while Companies gives basic info on the companies you follow as well as career opportunities.


PDF Reader

Overall, this is a great little app to view PDF documents.

This free Microsoft app for Windows Phone 8 and up provides a clean, elegant way to view PDF documents, no matter how lengthy or complex they are. The app doesn’t just display text clearly, but also images, charts, and even notated music.

You can add bookmarks, jump to a specific page, and view documents in both portrait and landscape mode. You can also share documents via OneDrive.



Microsoft Office allows you to edit PowerPoint presentations on your Lumia or other Windows Phone, but if you want to create or draft a simple one on the go, try out this WP 8 and above app ($2.99; you can try before you buy).

Essentially, this app turns the photos on your smartphone into a slideshow presentation. Each slide features one photo, and you can add text underneath the image. You can also move and hide slides if you wish. After creating the presentation, you can save it to Microsoft Office and do additional editing.

Obviously, this is not a full-fledged PowerPoint application. But it may be useful when you’re out and about and want to start sketching out a presentation.

So there you have it, three more apps to help you be more effective and productive at work. Let us know if they help you!