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October 13, 2014

The brand new Surface Hub application is now available in the Windows Store

Talking to our users, we have received amazing feedback and insights on what Surface fans really want. Creators and students have consistently told us that pen sensitivity and note-taking personalization were two aspects of Surface that could be improved.

Today, we’re excited to share the new Surface Hub app with you. The Surface Hub is designed to make some key customizations on Surface Pro 3 very easy. The app allows you to quickly calibrate the pen pressure on your Surface Pro 3 – something that our most creative customers have told us matters a great deal to them. It also lets you pick which OneNote application is selected when you click the pen button. Finally, it’s your channel for product feedback back to the Surface team. In short, the Surface Hub helps you get the most out of your Surface Pro 3.

Head on over to the Windows Store, download the app, and check it out. Prior to installing the Surface Hub app, ensure that you have installed the most recent Windows updates available, as they include a driver update that is necessary for the app to function properly.

Pen Pressure Calibration in the Surface Hub app
Pen Pressure Calibration in the Surface Hub app

With the Surface Hub app you can change the pen pressure sensitivity. We worked with several artists already using Surface Pro 3 today to test new pressure curves that you can now choose from. Depending on your unique writing style, the app allows you to decrease or increase the sensitivity of the pressure detected by your Surface Pro 3.

Additionally, the Surface Hub lets you chose what happens when you push the purple top on the pen. By default, pressing this button automatically launches modern OneNote for a fantastic note taking experience. Many of you prefer to use OneNote Desktop for your meeting notes, to-do lists, and research projects. Now you get to pick which version of OneNote the pen button launches by default.

Finally, we have built in a feedback tool that gives you a direct connection back to the Surface team in Redmond. We are interested in hearing any and all feedback about your experience with the device itself or the application. This first release comes in four different languages – English, Spanish, Japanese, and French – with more languages arriving with future updates. The team is looking forward to hearing what you have to say about Surface Pro 3. We truly believe this app will help create the best ink experience for our users, so be sure to download Surface Hub from the Windows Store today.

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!