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October 15, 2014

Skype Qik: All-New Group Video Messaging for Windows Phone

Launched yesterday, the new Skype Qik video-messaging app for Windows Phone 8.1 connects you to friends..

Just launched, the new Skype Qik video-messaging app for Windows Phone 8.1 connects you to friends and family.

Created to complement the Skype experience, Skype Qik gives you a spontaneous and effortless way to create and exchange video messages on your Lumia or other Windows Phone.


Think of Skype Qik as a mash-up of messaging and selfies – but with a twist: videos that you can record and share on the fly. In essence, Skype Qik makes video conversation more fun!

With a tap of a button, you can make a short video of Sunday brunch with several college buddies and share it with other friends.

Or you can show your mom the six-course gourmet meal you’ve cooked for a big date. Or you can take a quick video of the heavy morning commuter traffic you’re mired in to let your colleagues know why you’re running late.

Posterity … to a point

OK, we can all agree that not all of our self-made videos are worthy of Oscar contention. Don’t worry: Skype Qik automatically deletes your videos after two weeks. Problem solved.

And if you happen to send a video message by mistake, or if you don’t like a video you made, you can always erase it whether it’s been watched or not.


Qik Fliks

Another neat feature of Skype Qik is Qik Fliks – the ability to create five-second videos for quick messages.

You will also be able to store your own most-used Qik Fliks so you can easily respond to messages. For example, you can record and save a Qik Flik to say, “Be there in five minutes!” or “Want to meet for lunch?”

The full capabilities of Qik Fliks are coming soon to Windows Phone, but right now, Lumia users and others with Windows Phones can still receive and respond to Fliks.

Since Skype Qik is brand new, the app will be further improved and expanded in the near future. So we’d love your feedback. What other features would you like to see in Skype Qik?

Download it now from the Windows Phone Store and let us know what you think!