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October 16, 2014

See who’s calling: Truecaller for Windows Phone

“No, I don’t want your feature-rich credit card offering me a two-night stay on the moon. And thank you for your ever-persistent efforts to offer me car insurance when I don’t even own a car!”

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We have all endured the phone calls at odd hours by telemarketers and other overenthusiastic sales representatives who talk at length without listening to our replies.

If you wish to be doubly sure who’s on the other end of a call the next time your Lumia rings, try out the Truecaller app (Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan and above). It’s a neat way to protect your mobile identity from unwanted telemarketers.

Truecaller is the world’s largest verified mobile phone community with a user base of 75 million users. The free app enables you to expand your contact list by searching for the phone numbers (both mobile and landline) or names you want to find.

More importantly, the Truecaller app helps you identify an unknown caller, no matter whether the caller is around the corner or halfway around the world.

If the phone number is deemed spam by the collective, you can block it right from the app. Additionally, if you come across a number that you think is spam, you can highlight that, too.


“Apart from the automatic SPAM filter that helps every person, its unique ‘people you may know’ feature gives you the ability to find your childhood friend and even friends who have changed their numbers,” said @aakash006sharma, who uses the Truecaller app on his Lumia 1520. “And thanks to [the app],you can ask for their numbers and be in touch with them again.”

New Feature: Live Caller ID

This new feature will let you know at a glance who is trying to get in touch with you even if you don’t have that person’s number stored in your contact book.

On your phone, the unknown number will be displayed – just like it normally would. However, if that person is a Truecaller member, it’ll also show their name, giving you extra information whether to answer the call, or not.

What do you think of Truecaller?