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October 21, 2014

New Music Deals App for Windows Phone Launches Today

If you love music—and if you love getting great deals on music–download the brand-new Music Deals app.

Music lovers, rejoice: Today, Microsoft launched its free Music Deals app in the U.S. for Windows and Windows Phone 8 and above. Of course, you’ll gain entrée to today’s hottest bands and performers from a variety of genres, from rock and pop to country, jazz and classical.

But here’s the kicker: Every Tuesday, you’ll also get one “Top 5” new album every week – for just 99 cents! This week’s “Album of the Week” is Slipknot’s “.5: The Gray Chapter,” (pictured above) which also debuts today.


That’s not all.

Every week, you’ll also get access to 50 must-have albums for $1.99 each as well as 50 more albums for $1.99 each that pertain to a weekly theme. Usually, these albums are priced at $8.99.

Are you dancing in your seats yet?!

OK, you will when you hear a few of the 50 artists whose albums you can get this week for less than a cup of coffee from your local barista: Katy Perry, Sam Smith, Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, and, one of my favorites, the one and only Prince.

This week’s theme is “Trick or Beats,” and featured artists in this category include Canada’s DeadMau5, electronic-music producers David Guetta and Zedd, and Tiesto from the Netherlands. Grab their albums while you can for just $1.99 each.

When you tap on a deal in the Music Deals app, you are sent to the Xbox Music app, where you can permanently download the albums.

So head to the Windows Phone Store to grab the Music Deals app.

Happy Tuesday, everybody! Let us know below what you think of Music Deals and some of the albums you downloaded via the app.