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October 22, 2014

Fastest finger first: Addictive games for your Lumia

The ever-expanding Windows Phone Store offers plenty of games for all ages and skill levels. Some gaming apps are cute, some addictive and some so immersive that you can’t keep your hands off your Lumia for even a second.

Here are some popular games to keep you occupied when you have some spare time.

Square me (free)

square me

Possibly the simplest game you can find, this is an addictive no-brainer to play. You just have one thing to do: Spot the one square that doesn’t match the rest. The idea is to find and tap dissimilar squares within a minute to achieve different levels.

With each passing level, the different square becomes more similar to the rest so it takes more time to spot it. Running out of time? Try tapping all the squares if you can’t find your target. I managed to clear 41 squares in a minute. Are you up for the challenge?

Air Hockey (free)

air hockey

This 3-D game with outstanding controls and vibrant graphics makes it seem like the real game. First, choose your board (blue or white) before you play.  Then you can challenge your friends or slug it out with a virtual competitor who matches you move for move.

The easy, difficult or super-charged levels come with sound effects and background music. This free game is the perfect way to while away your spare time.

Bubble Crusher 2 (free)


The original Bubble Crusher was downloaded more than two million times, so it makes sense to include the sequel here.

Just like its name states, the point is to pop or crush as many bubbles as you can within a time limit. Don’t mistake this as an extension of just popping bubble wrap – here you battle spiders and infected pests and you’re on a quest to find all the keys.

The game becomes more difficult the better you play. You’ll get added elements that you are not supposed to pop and then there is the increased number of keys with each passing level.

A word of caution, once you start crushing bubbles, it will be difficult to leave the game mid-way!

FrogSling2 (free)

frog sling 2

FrogSling2 is an interesting game, complete with ambient background score, in which you pick up a frog, drag it to a slingshot, and flick the amphibian to hit a target. Hear the stretching sound as you pull back the sling to fire the frog. Follow the white dots: They will help you aimand make the frog jump to the right spot.

Watch the frogs hit the bucket and targets and see them catch flies. Remember to watch for the slimy creatures that jump away from your grasp!

DCD- Dots Connecting Dots (free)


You only have 60 seconds, so you need speed to connect as many vertical or horizontal dots of the same color to achieve the goal of making squares. The idea is to have longer connections in a square shape or a similar pattern that involves more than four or five dots of the same color. The more squares you make, the closer you are to eliminating the same-colored dots from the board.

This game can be a perfect way to challenge both your brain and reflexes. If you’re in a bind, you can “cheat” and freeze time for five seconds to collect more dots and squares.

Have you played these games? What are your favorite arcade games?