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October 23, 2014

Digitizing classrooms with OneNote Class Notebooks

Forget dog-eared notepads and half-chewed pen lids, classrooms are going digital to make learning and teaching more efficient.

In the video below, we see teachers and students using OneNote Class Notebooks in class.

Instead of the teacher photocopying documents and collecting different lesson materials, all the work is instead loaded into OneNote, accessible by the students in the class with their own versions of the notebook.

With a master copy for the teacher, the lesson is taught as usual. However, each pupil has his or her own copy to edit, comment on, and answer quiz questions– all synced and accessible by the teacher.

This not only saves time collecting or handing in assessments, but is more efficient for both teacher and student.

When it comes to homework, the teacher can access all classwork from one place can and make direct comments to help the pupil.

OneNote’s feature set includes the ability to upload audio clips–perfect for learning foreign languages, as the video demonstrates.

If pupils have trouble pronouncing words, they can upload their own voices, and if they need more help, the teacher can upload the correct pronunciations right into the notebook.

The video shows all this being performed on tablets. But because OneNote also works across platforms–such as the Lumia 830 smartphone, the Surface Pro 3, or PC–your homework or class notes are available wherever you are.

If you’re a teacher and think this would be perfect for your class, press play on the video below to see how easy it is, then read more about the OneNote Class Notebook Creator here.

Are you using OneNote Class Notebook Creator? If so, let us know how.