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October 26, 2014

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

It must be something in the crisp autumn air, because there were so many new and updated apps this week that choosing only 5 proved to be quite a task. The Windows Phone Store is simply overflowing with new goodies!

But after much deliberation, we were finally able to choose 5 that really caught our eye. Each of these apps are great for productivity and getting things done – taking polls, banking, and even doing math homework – and we think there’s a little something for everyone here. Check them out below!


What is it: An easy-to-use polling app

Why we love it: Need a little input from your friends and followers? Take a quick and easy poll using Straw! All you have to do is create your question, add the possible choices and any pictures that you might want included, and then choose the social media network that you want to publish it to (or SMS). Straw has a nice, clean aesthetic and is simple to use – just remember that it’s still in Beta, so there may be an occasional kink.

Who it’s perfect for: People and groups that need a quick answers


TD (Canada)

What is it: a mobile banking app for TD Canada Trust

Why we love it: It can be frustrating when your bank doesn’t have mobile support, so we’re thrilled to say that Canada’s second-largest bank has finally released a brand new app for its customers that use Windows Phone! We can’t vouch for its efficiency as we don’t bank with TD, but the Store description claims that the app allows you to access your consolidated chequing, savings, credit, and investment account information as well as pay bills and transfer money. There’s also a Bank Locator for finding the nearest branch or ATM.

Who it’s perfect for: Canadians that bank with TD

TD Canada

Tetra Lockscreen

What is it: An app for customizing your lock screen

Why we love it: Tetra Lockscreen, available in North America, is the latest improvement in lock screen coolness for 8.1, letting you choose from a set of customizable widgets such as Agenda, Current Location, Activity Tracker, and Stopwatch. Even better, the app is only one of 16 new releases from Microsoft Garage, a project which showcases the after-hours tinkerings and personal projects of the employees. Be sure to check out all of them, you’re bound to find something that sparks your interest even if Tetra Lockscreen isn’t your cup of tea.

Who it’s perfect for: People that want to see useful info quickly

Tetra Lockscreen


What is it: A math problem solver

Why we love it: PhotoMath is the app we all dreamed of long before apps and smartphones were even a twinkle in someone’s eye. With it, you can solve mathematical equations – just open the app, aim, and solve! For those worried about taking the easy way out, you can also view step-by-step solutions so that you not only solve the problem, but learn how to solve it on your own. It doesn’t work on handwritten equations (only typed text) and not all equations can be solved just yet, but it’s still an amazing app that you should take a look at.

Who it’s perfect for: Students, their parents, and math lovers/haters everywhere


Skype (update)

What is it: Skype. Need we say more?

Why we love it: We featured the new Skype Qik just last week, but Skype rolled out quite a few important updates this week for the original app that we think you’re going to love. Now you can send Drawings, which can be a drawing from scratch, or an annotated photo or Bing map. Updates also included sign-in improvements, HD screen support, and a faster app resume time on 8.1. We love the fun drawings, and the faster resume time has been long-awaited.

Who it’s perfect for: Skype users with a creative streak



5 top-notch apps, fresh from the Store! Let us know what you think and feel free to drop a few of your own favorites from this week in the comments.