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October 27, 2014

Poll results: Your greatest Lumia filmmaker of them all is…

Back in October we asked you for help.

We wanted to know who was the greatest Lumia filmmaker of them all. There’s plenty to choose from, of course, but to get a definitive answer we needed the opinions of the people who matter most: You, the most clued up Lumia lovers on the planet.

Well, you’ve sent in your votes in spades and the results are finally here. While each of the nine people presented in our poll are all wonderfully talented and creative filmmakers, there was one in particular that really struck a chord with you voters.

So without further delay, we present to you the top three Lumia filmmakers as chosen by you, in reverse order. Drumroll, please!

3rd place: Paul Trillo – 13.57%

Paul and his Living Moments – Lumia Arc of Wonder proved to be quite wondrous indeed! In this video collaboration with our Creative Lab, Paul connected 50 Lumia 1020s in a huge arc controlled by a single system and filmed both the process and the ensuing craziness. The sheer creativity of this idea and the coolness of the outcome earned Paul his rightfully-deserved spot in the top 3. Check out the video below for a dizzying dose of pure wonder!


2nd place: Olivier Noirhomme – 17.05%

Olivier Noirhomme is the Maestro of Macros, the Tycoon of Time-Lapse, the Zeitgeist of Zoom -and he’s also our second place winner! We’ve gotten the scoop from Olivier in the past on how to shoot insanely good close-up videos, and you guys really showed your love for his talent by voting for him. Take a look at one of his up-close and personal videos Melting & Burning, which is sure to mesmerize and amaze.


1st place: Lee Righini – 41.86%

Winning by a landslide, Lee Righini has a ton of material on his Lumia filmmaking resume. Underwater diving, snowboarding, music videos, even swimming in shark-infested waters – you name it, Lee has done it (and documented it). If you need a little proof, check out his video from Mission 31 below and his award-winning Nokia Transitions. We think that each of his creations is a magical masterpiece, and you the voters have confirmed it!


Nine superb filmmakers, and a clear consensus from you voters on which one is the greatest Lumia filmmaker of them all. Congrats to Lee and the others, and we can’t wait to see the creative films that they all come up with next! A big thanks to all of you that voted as well – not only do you know best when it comes to everything Lumia, but we just love to hear what you think.

Image credit: Sharon Drummond