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October 28, 2014

Hungry? Best Windows Phone fast-food apps

Welcome to the future of fast food: Ordering your next meal can be done with just a few taps thanks to the powerful and feature-rich Lumia smartphones.

If you dislike standing in a queue, waiting on the phone and repeating your food order, or the constant upselling by restaurant servers, take a look at some of these popular fast-food apps.

Steak ‘n Shake (U.S.)


Available in the U.S., the free Steak ‘n Shake app will rescue you the next time you crave steak. Browse the on-app menu to help you decide what to order before you reach the nearest Steak ‘n’ Shake. Those of you who are calorie conscious can also view the nutritional value of the meals.

Here’s what the rest of the app offers: the address of the nearest Steak ‘n Shake restaurant, what’s new on the menu, photo albums and videos of Steak ‘n Shake from their social channels.

McDelivery (India)

McDonald India’s delivery app makes ordering your favorite burger or meal just a tap away. Currently, this service is limited to few cities in west and south India.

Log in via your mobile number. You can then customize your order and choose your drinks and desserts from the complete list of choices. Furthermore, the app offers the option of paying online and also lets you track your order, from the kitchen to your doorstep.

McDonald’s (U.K.)


For those of you living in U.K., the McDonald’s app lets you search for the nearest McDonald’s restaurant, offers directions, and marks your favorite locations for future use.

The app’s smart-filter option lets you identify outlets with features such as drive-thru, open 24/7, diaper-changing facilities, and offer free Wi-Fi. The app also shows you the full menu with nutritional info as well as promotions and special offers.

Domino’s Pizza (U.S.)

Pizza is the preferred fast food for many and making it easy to order is the Domino’s app. The inbuilt “tracker” service lets you follow your order status, be it for pickup or home delivery. Flip through the full online menu or use the “Build your Own” feature to make a customized pizza.

If pizza is not enough for you, then pasta, sandwich, bread, or dessert options might just do the trick. It also offers you deals and coupons.

White Castle (U.S.)

The White Castle app lets you order via your Lumia smartphone. You are offered full menus including new offerings and special offers. You can also add side orders and select the quantity of the items ordered.

Before you can do that, you need to create an account. Once that’s done, the app senses nearby restaurants, and you can choose on as your favorite location.

The unique touch is the addition of a text box where you can type special instructions. You can also select a pick-up time and payment mode for your order.

The Coffee Bean


For your daily caffeine fix, look no further. The free Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf app lets you create custom beverages and view the coffeehouse’s signature beverages. After you’re done selecting your beverage on your Lumia, you can bookmark it as a “favorite” by pressing “save” and giving your drink a name.

Now comes the smart part where you can show your drink specifications while visiting a nearby location; you can also order your coffee via NFC. With a single tap, you can get you your favorite cuppa and share your creation with your friends.

The free app can locate the nearest coffeehouse as well as those with Wi-Fi, Custom Oatmeal Bar, Drive-Thru and more. An added bonus is that you can listen to The Coffee Bean’s custom, in-store playlist while exploring the app.

Do you use fast-food apps? Which one is your favorite and why?