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October 31, 2014

Five terrifically terrifying Halloween games for Windows Phone

If you’re frightened of things that go bump in the night, or terrified of mysterious demons, turn back now. But for the brave, continue…

If you’re frightened of things that go bump in the night, or terrified of mysterious demons, turn back now. But for the brave, continue…

Acedia: Indie Horror – $Free


As a Windows Phone exclusive, Acedia: India Horror isn’t for the faint-hearted.

It’s recommended you play the game at night and with headphones for full effect, and we agree. It’s terrifying.

You wake up on a cold concrete floor with no knowledge of how you got there. As you get to your feet, the lights go out. You’re left in the dark.

Thankfully, you have a torch. But its small circular beam of light makes exploring your surroundings difficult, especially as you find your way through winding corridors.

Who knows what might jump out at you from the darkness.

One five-star review from gamer Adnan had this to say:

“The scariest game I’ve ever played!!! Moreover, the graphics and sound are mind blowing awesome! Every Windows Phone user MUST play this game!”

Knock-Knock – $4.49


Knock-Knock is an eerily beautiful game that grabs a hold of you and refuses to let go.

All the terrors come out at night when the light fades—and even more so when you’re inside a spooky cabin.

As the darkness sets in, you must try to stay in control and hide from grotesque intruders that peer out at you from within the darkness. Fixing the lights helps you survive the night, as does repairing parts of the cabin.

Here’s what Alexander, a happy (or frightened) gamer, has to say about Knock-Knock:

“A real horror experience. Just use headphones and play it at night.”

Into the Dead – $0.99


Zombies: the basis of many a horror story.

The world as you know it has ended and zombies roam the earth seeking something to sink their teeth into. You. Faced with wave after wave of decaying, groaning ex-people with glowing eyes coming to attack you, grab a weapon and fight them off.

The game has great visuals and sounds make this great fun in that heart thumping kind of way.

One anonymous player gave this review:

“Down right amazing! Got me an adrenaline flow at first times! Good graphics too! Strong 5 star!”

Dark Lands – $Free


For many, only one rule applies when it comes to surviving. Run!

And run you will in with this game. Develop your hero as you run for your life, slaying all the nasties that get in the way.

Skeletons, ogres, trolls and goblins are all in your way of surviving. Kill them, kill them all!

One reviewer said:

“Simple and entertaining. Satisfying to see how your character grows as you venture deeper into this forgotten wasteland. Great quality for a free to play impulse download.”

Subway Surfers – $Free


Subway Surfers’ latest update takes on a spooky theme and is set in New Orleans.

Navigate through scary pumpkin tunnels, under-hanging bats, and a misty moon as you dodge oncoming trains and run from the ticket inspector.

“Can’t stop playing.” says Katlynn.

Are you scared yet? What games are spooking you this Halloween?