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November 2, 2014

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Last week we were treated to a ton of marvellous new apps in the Windows Phone Store, and this week is no different.

There were plenty of new ones and updates to old favorites alike, which we’ve sifted through to find five appy gems just for you. And we’re pretty pleased with our selection this week, showcasing a good balance between fun games and useful tools. Read on to find out what’s new.


What is it: A smart dialer for Windows Phone

Why we love it: Truedialer is an update to your phone’s dial pad, which lets you automatically search for information about a number you are dialing. The app, developed by the TrueCaller Team, searches both your own contacts and Truecaller’s 1 billion+ numbers database. This means that you can learn the name of a person or business of a number that you dial, even if they aren’t in your contacts. If you use TrueCaller, TrueDialer is a nice addition.

Who it’s perfect for: People that use TrueCaller



ProShot (update)

What is it: A popular photography app

Why we love it: We don’t hide our love for ProShot here at Connects, so naturally we’re pretty excited to try out the updated version of the camera app. A ton of improvements and new features were added! A few of our favorites include startup time improvement, increased max zoom, and the option to save 20/41MP images directly to your camera roll. There’s plenty more cool new things, so be sure to check it out.

Who it’s perfect for: Seasoned ProShooters and newbies alike



Microsoft Health

What is it: A platform for health tracking

Why we love it: Microsoft Health is a platform designed to combine the information collected by various devices and services in order to give you better insight into your health and fitness, using the power of the cloud. It’s designed to be used with the new Microsoft Band, a smart band that tracks a wealth of important info like heart rate and calorie burn. Read more about it here!

Who it’s perfect for: Fitness junkies and health-conscious people

Microsoft Health app


Bubble Shoot Halloween

What is it: Classic bubble shooting game in a 3D environment

Why we love it: Bubble Shoot Halloween is a new take on the classically addictive bubble shooting game that’s fun for people of all ages. Featuring both Challenge and Arcade mode, you can clear the board, try to top your high score, and progress to more difficult levels. Bonuses and maluses add a little extra fun to the challenge. The Halloween theme is perfect for getting into the spooky Halloween spirit!

Who it’s perfect for: Anyone with a little (or a lot of) time to kill

Bubble Shoot Halloween



What is it: An addictive puzzle game

Why we love it: Lightomania is logic-based puzzle game in which you steal light bulbs by bouncing around two fuzzy little light thieves. You choose the best trajectory to get the bulbs and try to do so in as few moves as possible. Lightomania has fun, colorful aesthetics and a simple but entertaining gameplay that make it an enjoyable way to spend some time.

Who it’s perfect for: game lovers of all ages



Five great apps, perfect for both work and play! Give them a try and let us know what you think in the comments.