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November 5, 2014

Lumia Help+Tips: providing assistance

If you’ve wondered how to switch on Bluetooth, check your phone’s available memory, or set up email on your Lumia, what you need is the Lumia Help+Tips app


Not limited to just those tips mentioned above, this app helps you with much more.

The app is split into easy-to-navigate sections: User Guide, FAQ, Tips & Tricks, How-to videos, and Check Your Warranty, as well as a featured section and support page if you swipe the screen to the left.


Delving deeper into the app, you’ll discover how to update your phone to the latest available software, such as Lumia Cyan or Lumia Denim (available later).

If you’re new to Windows Phone, you may be interested in the “copy contacts” tip that’ll get you back to phoning or texting your pals in no time.

While some of the useful information is in text form, there’s also a large selection of videos for you to watch should you prefer a visual format.

Examples of videos available are: how to set up social-media accounts, get help and support, how to personalize your Start screen, and much more.

While most of the content is available to explore offline, you will need an Internet connection when trying to watch the videos.

To ensure you have the latest version of Lumia Help+Tips, scan the QR code at the top of the page, or navigate to the Windows Phone Store on your Lumia. If you’ve bought your Lumia from the United States, download the app here.

Have you uncovered any helpful tips using the app? Share them with us, below.