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November 9, 2014

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

The fireworks have been loosed and the bonfires doused; winter’s truly starting to set in now. So what better time to get busy indoors with some app action on your Windows Phone?

And, handily enough, we’ve found some real goodies for you this week! If photography, shopping, games and messaging are your bag, then read on – we think this week’s five oughta keep you happy…

Lumia Cinemagraph Beta

What is it: a photo-editing app

Why we love it: Cinemagraph has been around a while – it lets you animate your photographs into funky little GIFs – but this new Beta version is a separate download, so if you want to trial new features, head this way. Right now, it means you can test out the revamped way the app shares GIFs: normally you need a Nokia account, but now you can share directly – so it’s easier to use and more accessible all round. Good news!

Who it’s perfect for: file-sharing animators and fans everywhere.

Lumia Cinemagraph Beta


Chimpact 2: Family Tree

What is it: a platform game

Why we love it: You play Chuck the monkey, and you use a series of bouncy vines to fling him through the jungle in search of bananas. Whether you pick the standard game with levels and bosses, or one of the quirky little mini-games, it’s enjoyable: outstanding graphics, easy controls and a decent difficulty factor make it a brilliant timewaster. Fine family fun!

Who it’s perfect for: gamers young and old

Chimpact 2- Family Tree


Whatsapp (update)

What is it: messaging service

Why we love it: We all use and love Whatsapp – free texts! – so a decent update makes us grin, and this one is actually rather handy: now you’ll be able to see exactly when your contacts have seen and read a message. This works on individual and group chats, and audio as well as text messages. Just press and hold the item in question and you’ll get an option for ‘info’ – presto!

Who it’s perfect for: messaging fiends.




What is it: a camera app

Why we love it: If you’ve tried Camera360 (or even if you haven’t), check the premium version, new to WP: it’s easier on the battery, has hi-res outputs, and it’s fast to start and operate. It’s a pretty slick umber all round, but we’re really impressed with its filter options, particularly ‘live lens’, the multi-screen image preview mode.

Who it’s perfect for: photographers of all abilities


If these light your November fire, please do let us know! More importantly, though, if you’ve been blown away by a different new release, don’t keep it to yourself – that’s what our comment box is all about!