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November 10, 2014

Windows Phone app updates for your Lumia

Become a world-record holder, take Warhol-style selfies, fine-tune your home audio experience and learn German with the latest Windows Phone app updates for your Lumia.

The passionate brigades of Windows Phone app developers are always fine-tuning their creations to give Lumia users an even better experience.

Here are some of the more noteworthy app updates of late. As you will see, these updates include new features and levels, attractive new user interfaces, and options to remove ads, as well as squash a few pesky bugs.

4Color (Windows Phone 8 and up) – Free


Add a little artistic flair to your personal portraiture with the 4Color app. This app from codeDEXTER allows you to take Pop Art-style images and the new update brings a new user interface, fixes bugs, and gives you the option to remove ads via in-app purchase.

MyDenon Remote (Windows Phone 8 and up) – $1.99


If you’re the proud owner of a Wi-Fi Denon or Marantz home audio receiver, you’ll want to download the update to this remote app for Windows Phone.

The app, which offers full control of your home audio set-up (television, games console, Blu-ray player, etc.) as well as built-in access to apps like Spotify and, can now reorganize and change the tile size of inputs.

Fast Swipe (Windows Phone 8.1) – Free


Become the fastest typist on Windows Phone with Fast Swipe. This update integrates the new Word Flow Windows Phone 8.1 keyboard so you can swipe between letters to form words instead of tapping keys. Reckon you can beat the world record of 160 characters in 18.19 seconds? On your marks … get set… GO!

Love Phrases (Windows Phone 7.5 and up) – Free


Learning to whisper sweet nothings in another language could win you some brownie points with your sweetie.

The new version of Love Phrases integrates German and adds the number of amorous utterances in other languages, including English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Good luck, you old romantic, you.

Technify (Windows Phone 8 and up) – Free


Technify is a great little app that aims to keep you abreast of the gadget headlines from the likes of TechRadar, The Verge and Gizmodo. A recent update adds integration with Pocket and Instapaper, allowing you to save the stories for reading at your convenience.

ScanWritr (Windows Phone 8.1) – Free


ScanWritr allows you to scan documents or receipts, convert them to PDF files, add a signature and export files via email, fax, social media and more.

This latest update improves the signature tool, allowing you to “tap in” your autograph. The update also lets you compress PDFs to smaller file sizes. There are also more editing options and three additional marker pen colors!

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