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November 12, 2014

Top five Xbox games for Lumia

Xbox gaming isn’t just reserved for those with a console. Many of the games you can download to your Lumia from the Windows Phone Store are also Xbox games.

By playing Xbox games on your Lumia or Windows Phone device, you can earn achievements that add to your gamerscore, as well as compete with your Xbox Live friends.

There are dozens of Xbox games to download, but we’ve picked the top five games to show you. By “top,” we mean the games with the most reviews and ratings.

Tetris Blitz – 44k reviews


One of the best arcade games of all time, this delightful remake brings it into the now while still retaining much of the original look and feel.

The gameplay is the same, of course. Arrange the falling shapes so that they fall into empty spaces below. Fill a complete line and it vanishes, scoring you points. Line up several rows and it’s points galore!

Power-ups are available, as are in-app purchases if you want to advance quicker.

“I absolutely love ❤ this game. It helps me to pass time in between phone calls at work.” – Corrida

Temple Run 2 – 35k reviews


Run, turn, jump, and slide. Then keep on running. These are the basic controls in Temple Run 2 and what you really need to know to win the game.

However, there is no win. Not really. As a never-ending running game, you keep going as long and as far as you can until you fall into a pit, get caught by the evil that’s chasing you, or are stopped by other obstacles.

With simple controls and fast-paced action, you’ll become addicted in no time.

“The new features, collectibles and characters are fun. Still very addictive. 5 stars!” – Hafiz.

Wordament – 31k reviews


Wordament is quite a clever multi-player game. Rather than just a turn-based game between you and another player, you play against thousands of people, all at once.

Each player has the same board and you need to find as many words as you can out of the available 18 tiles.

The more words you get–and the more obscure words, the better–the higher you’ll rise on the leader board.

“So fun! Reminds me of Boggle. I love word games. :)” – Christina.

Six-Guns – 26k reviews


Saddle up and get ready for some Wild West quick-draw action.

Set in Arizona and Oregon, you take on 40 missions that’ll have you racing horses and shooting robbers and many other enemies.

Naturally, you’ll need a gun, and with 19 weapons at your disposal, you’ll become the most feared cowboy in the land.

“This is such a good gaming experience on the fly….. 5 stars for 6 guns.” – Dominic.

UNO & Friends – 25k reviews


Much like the card game UNO, but digitized, this game is perfect when played with friends. Because of its simplicity, UNO is loved by both adults and children.

Start with seven cards and play them to the table, matching either colors or numbers as you go. If it’s a match, you ditch your card. Otherwise, you must pick up another one.

The winner is the one who has no cards left.

“Personally I like it, brings back old memories from when I was a kid :’)” – João.

These are just some of the Xbox games available on the Windows Phone Store. You can check more out here.

Which is your favorite Xbox game on your Lumia? One of these, or another? Share them with us below.