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November 13, 2014

Quickly poll your pals with the new Straw app for Lumia

With this free Windows Phone app for Windows Phone 8 and up, enlist your friends to weigh-in on the pressing issues of the day… or help you decide between pizza joints.

The new Straw app for Windows Phone makes it easy for you to set up quick polls for your friends through social media.

The free and easy-to-use app comes in handy on days when you’re struggling for dinner plans, or perhaps when you can’t decide which movie to see this weekend.

Likewise, sometimes it can be just fun to poll your friends on their favorite sports car, or canvas where the smart money is going for the Super Bowl. If you feel like alienating friends, you can even start political debates!


Polls can be quickly created through the beautifully designed app, and photos can be added for each of the multiple-choice options.

The survey can be immediately shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or even SMS message, allowing all of your friends to voice their opinion. Results are fed back to the application in real time and presented in easy-to-read bar and pie charts.

For example, if you’re out shopping and trying decide on a suit for an upcoming wedding, you can upload pictures sporting several snazzy outfits and glean enough feedback to be comfortable splashing out by the end of the day.

Download Straw now and take it for a test drive.

So, if you’ve ever wondered who would truly win in a scrap between Sir Ian McKellen’s interpretations of Magneto and Gandalf, perhaps your friends can help you choose a definitive victor?

Personally, if I were polled by Straw, it’d be Gandalf all the way. White Wizardry > Superhuman genetic mutation.