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November 13, 2014

Microsoft Surface and Jack Henry Help Bring Banking into a Mobile World

Today, Microsoft is at BAI Retail Delivery 2014 in Chicago with leaders from across the banking industry, discussing how Surface Pro 3 is supporting the digital transformation of financial services.

In an era where consumers are increasingly tech-savvy, banks are eagerly seeking ways to differentiate themselves—typically by providing greater customer options and service than their competition. In many instances, gone are the days of banking branches with employees stationed behind fixed counters and desks waiting for customers to approach. Now, banks are eager to bring their employees out to meet their customers in a more engaging process.

To do this, banks need technology that meets the new demands that come along with it. And banks are choosing Surface Pro 3 as their single device of choice because it offers mobility and long battery life, without sacrificing security, power and performance.

Previously, branch employees might utilize a desktop workstation in the office, a laptop for remote meetings and an iPad for direct customer engagement. Now, Surface can replace all of these devices, so that branch employees (and IT professionals) are focused on one device to offer mobile banking that securely manages their customers’ financial information without having to make trade-offs in productivity when moving between tasks and locations. You’ve heard us talk before about how City National Bank is using Surface Pro in exactly this scenario—delivering a fast, mobile, and more personal banking experience for their customers. Banks also save costs through device consolidation, meeting the needs of every user at the branch—whether for tellers, loan officers, investment advisers, or management—by deploying and managing a single device.

Today, Microsoft is happy to announce that Jack Henry & Associates has introduced its new BranchAnywhere application for Microsoft Windows and Surface Pro 3. The app helps banks centrally manage all aspects of customer info, and allows bank employees to become mobile branch managers who can meet their clients to safely and securely access important customer and account information from any location.

“The reason we chose Surface Pro 3 is because of its unique 2-in-1 design that helps customers meet the needs of their employees with a single device. The Surface Pro 3 provides employees with the lightweight tablet when they are mobile, and a powerful laptop/desktop when they’re at their desk. And since it runs Windows, our customers are able to seamlessly integrate Surface Pro 3 into their existing security protocols and IT processes, so they can immediately start using all of JHA software in a mobile world,” said Tommy Bradford, Jack Henry Managing Director.

Banks like First Florida Integrity Bank and IBERIABANK are already using the new BranchAnywhere app on Surface Pro 3 to give their branch employees the ability to be more productive in more locations by seeing account and activity information quickly and easily. And from an IT perspective, Surface easily fits into a bank’s existing processes for supporting computer hardware–saving time and money.

“We selected the Microsoft Surface as the choice for doing our tablet banking,” said Andrew Hovet, Director of Delivery Channels at IBERIABANK. “We are very focused on having our branch managers out in the community, calling on small businesses, meeting with clients. To be able to bring some of their technology with them would ease that service experience so they wouldn’t have to be bringing work back and forth to the client site.”

When it comes to meeting the challenging needs of a changing retail banking world, organizations like as First Florida Integrity Bank and IBERIABANK are realizing the benefits that Surface delivers.

To hear from Marcelo Marquez de la Garza, director, Worldwide Financial Services at Microsoft about what Microsoft is doing to support digital transformation in the financial industry, visit the Vertical Industries blog.

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Cyril Belikoff – Senior Director, Microsoft Surface